Some issues with package luci-i18n-base-ar

I just installed luci-i18n-base-ar (arabic support) and I have the following remarks:

  1. the language "caption" is missing in the software GUI (see attached screenshot).
  2. after installing the package, I cannot see it in system->language and style GUI.
    any help is appreciated.

To clarify: this happens with the OpenWrt master?
(instead of 18.06 or 19.07 or ...)

I did not compile openwrt this time. I have installed version 19.07 using the released binary then upgraded the firmware with squashfs-sysupgrade.bin). I then installed the package luci-i18n-base-ar using the GUI.

Well, there are no Arabic translations for 19.07.

you have installed the package from master, right? Note that it targets partially wrong strings (from master) and the 19.07 build infra and package lists do not know about arabic, so LuCI can't find any description for it.

Note that there no downloadable Arabic packages for 19.07. Example from mips_24kc:

My first guess is that something related to this is the reason for the empty description. Genuine bug would be if there is no description when running a proper master (or 21.02) firmware.

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Thank you for this clarification. I could find the issue in my side. The arabic support package was installed from a local repository that I use for test purposes.
By the way, I have finished the translation in Arabic of few packages in weblate. Will they be reflected in version 19.07 or in the next firmware version?

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