Cant install in xiaomi 4a

Hi i have a

  • Mi Router 4A Giga Version
  • MiWiFi Release 3.0.24
  • version R4A

I try the openwrtinvasion method (i think is the only one) but doesnt ask me for stok, ask me for IP and password, and then any of the links, telnet or ssh doesnt work :frowning:

Try Xiaomi 4A 3-Gigaport cannot flash OpenWrt 21.02

how i know what i have in terms of:

  • Flash EON
  • CPU

Need to open it up,

Keep reading, the new flash should have been "fixed", at least in the snapshots, unless the patch wasn't submitted/approved.
I haven't checked.

Try also archive from 4pda.

thanks for all the answers, but Im really new on this and i have many questions, the only times i did openwrt is when is with the firmware update, so this is kinda hard.

The tutorial said the python ask me for stok info, here just ask for ip and password, and when gir the stok number is al wrong.

Now reading the thing @frollic give me made me more scare of trying :stuck_out_tongue: cuz looks really complicated

Question: where is the firmware of the 4g router to download?

sorry to ask, but whatis that?



thanks, can i use of them?

If you are a Windows computer user, have you considered the Windows instructions?
It is far less complicated than the linux based instructions. It works for me every time, and other forum members report success using it.

I could be wrong, but I suspect latest 22.03.0-rc6 or master does not contain the Eon flash chip fix, when reading the bug report:


If your R4AC has Eon chip and you brick it, just use Windows MiWfiRepairtoolx86 to unbrick it.

This is a firmware from the official OpenWrt domain.
Of course you can play roulette and install "something" from other sources...
But the official sources should be your primary choice until the default guide doesn't work for you.

im a windows user mostly, but i have a couple linux servers at my home, but i love less complicated things :slight_smile:

so even if i mess up i could unbrick?

Yes. Read the Debrick PDF guide in link provided if using MiWfiRepairToolx86.

You need to use a Windows computer with ethernet socket, to debrick it, and install OpenWrt (or padavan) firmware.

Have you found out what flash chip is inside your R4A?

Correction to a previous post, this is the bug report which leads me to believe the fix for Eon flash chip has not made it into master or 22.03:

ps. I notice your original OP quotes you have the earlier 'Giga' version. If the label on bottom of the router quotes 'Giga' and not later 'Gigabit' then 22.03.0-rc6 will install OK. ie. Not Eon flash chip.

theoretically - yes. There are many guides with instructions how to unbrick R4A router. But sometimes something goes wrong :slightly_smiling_face:
As you mentioned, you don't really know if your R4A has a "new" chip or a "regular" one.
If new - you need a "special" firmware that can work with that new chip (until a fix is included into 22.03.0 or in the latest Snapshot).
If you have "regular" chip - feel free to flash 23.02.0-rc6 (in my opinion, it is quite stable already).

i just check it said Gigabit, this mean is a eon flash?
what you recoomend?

what special firmware?

Either inspect the flash chip by opening the case or viewing through ventilation holes, or install openwrt and if it is bricked with 22.03, you will have to unbrick it with ethernet wired computer and miwifirepairtool x86.

Eon flash chip so far only seen in models manufactured in 2022 for Global and from late 2021 for Chinese edition. The barcode label attached to original shipping box has manufacture date which may help.

ok give me few minutes, im goin in