Can't access the web interface

Just installed Openwrt on my router today model is Asus RT-AC3100. The first time it works fine, i did play around with it. And then I tried to install a custom openwrt in the router and it failed, so I reflash the trx file that works original. Now internet is fine and all, but I can not access the web interface on Can some beautiful soul tell me what to do?

Btw, last time I asked another question here like 2 hours ago, and the problem was solved by me doing the thing. I believe there's magic here. Please help me access my web interface. THANKSSSSS

Without specific information, my guess is that you installed a snapshot.

When you get the message “Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for…” it is most likely because you installed a snapshot version of OpenWrt.
Read here for possible solutions.

Let's see the output of:

ubus call system board

"kernel": "5.15.150",
"hostname": "OpenWrt",
"system": "ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)",
"model": "ASUS RT-AC3100",
"board_name": "asus,rt-ac3100",
"rootfs_type": "squashfs",
"release": {
"distribution": "OpenWrt",
"version": "23.05.3",
"revision": "r23809-234f1a2efa",
"target": "bcm53xx/generic",
"description": "OpenWrt 23.05.3 r23809-234f1a2efa"

thank you, that's the response I got when I typed ubus call system board

That is not a snapshot. So let's see what else is going on:

Please connect to your OpenWrt device using ssh and copy the output of the following commands and post it here using the "Preformatted text </> " button:
Remember to redact passwords, MAC addresses and any public IP addresses you may have:

cat /etc/config/network
cat /etc/config/wireless
cat /etc/config/dhcp
cat /etc/config/firewall
cat /etc/config/uhttpd
netstat -plnt

And suddenly it just worked......... Thank you so much again. This is magical

Glad to hear it.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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