Can I install OpenWrt using Raspberry Pi Imager?


Just yesterday my laptop crashed and it went for service and it will take around 2 weeks to get it delivered, and I was so excited to install OpenWRT on my Raspberry Pi 4, which got delivered just a day before my laptop crashed for good. I was wondering if there was a way to install OpenWRT on to Raspberry Pi 4 using Raspberry Pi Imager within Rasbian OS or is there any other way to do so?

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

You mean you have an SD card with Raspbian already?

My best guess is that to do what you are after you need another SD card and a supported card reader. I think you should be able to put the new card the card in the reader and put the OpenWrt image to it, then you shutdown, put the card in the onboard slot and reboot.

You might be able to do the same from a phone but I think it will probably need to rooted.

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never done this myself but i guess you can boot raspberrypi os from usb stick and then flash opewwrt from there to sdcard with dd as form any other classic computer. IIRC you need latest firmware to boot from usb.

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I have few External SSDs lying around. So, is it possible for me to port the Rasbian OS that is currently on my SD card to an external SSD & boot Rasbian OS from SSD and flash OpenWRT on my SD card? Would Raspberry Pi Imager (running on Rasbian OS) be able to flash OpenWRT to my SD?

from your working raspberry download raspberry os image and dd to external usb stick or external ssd drive, then boot from external usb/drive (you need updated firmare to boot from usb) and dd openwrt image to sdcard.. this is how i would do it. i know nothing about pi imager sorry.

edit: or other way around.. just dd openwrt image to usb stick and boot openwrt from there :wink:

Why are you considering that? I imagine you should be able to flash OpenWrt from Raspbian using the standard method detailed in the device page on OpenWrt wiki.

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Ok guy, got it working. Used the community build provided by @wulfy23

What I did was, I had two fresh SD cards available.
I flashed Rasbian OS using my mobile and Raspi Card Imager, and from Rasbian OS I flashed OpenWRT using Raspberry Pi Imager to my other SD Card.

My ONT (192.168. 1.1) is in bridge mode, and configured PPPoE configuration on Raspberry Pi 4 ( (eth0 on LAN, eth1 on USB - Ethernet Adapter), but I'm not able to get my internet working.

Update - it's working.

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