Can I change procd's stop signal?

I have some software that stops gracefully on SIGINT (2) rather than SIGTERM (15). In a non-procd init script I could set SERVICE_SIG_STOP="INT" to configure this. Does procd let me customise the signal used to stop a process?

My quick reading of the source suggests I can't change it. But I'm not a a procd expert, so if anyone knows any better, feel free to correct me.

procd_send_signal SERVICE '*' INT

wrong source service_handle_signal


I don't understand - isn't that to send a signal at some arbitrary time? Where would I put that to make it send SIGINT when I do service whatever stop?

(At any rate, I've since rewritten my software to accept SIGTERM as well, so unless anyone else has this issue it's moot.)

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