Bypass vpn wireguard

I would like to know how I can bypass the vpn wireguard on a device.
Thanks in advance

This would be policy based routing.

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Where is that I've been looking for and I can't find it

(First web search result)

I have no idea how it works and what I've seen of bypasses is for older versions of openwrt.
I don't know what to do anymore, if there was a tutorial or something to start with because the bypasses that come on the openwrt page are all for previous versions.

If you had followed the link from @ lleachii you would have found the tutorial:

Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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now it gives me a failure luci vpn routing policy
it gives me the following error


RPC call to uci/get failed with ubus code 4: Recurso no encontrado at ClassConstructor.handleCallReply (

I have installed everything according to the tutorial, the previous steps and everything


I think that you do not need dnsmasq-full unless you want to use ipset.

It is possible you have to remove the existing dnsmasq first before installing the dnsmasq-full version or the packages are are not compatible. Just a guess

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