Build openwrt for netgear R6800


Is there anyone ever built openwrt for netgear R6800?

CPU: MediaTek MT7621AT (880 MHz, 2 cores)
NAND Flash: 128 MiB (Macronix MX30UF1G18AC-TI)
RAM: 256 MiB (Nanya NT5CC128M16IP-DI)
USBs: USB 3.0, USB 2.0
Wireless Chips : 5G MediaTek MT7615N ( an+ac , 4x4:3), 2.4G MediaTek MT7615N ( bgn, 4x4:3)
Switch: MediaTek MT7621AT

Device details are from


There is no driver support for MT7615N yet (nor to be expected soon), the rest should be reasonably easy to port.


Got it, thanks @slh


This device got interesting again since there now is MT7615 support in the mt76 (fork). Just a heads up.


Does anyone know how far the 7615 family is from working with openwrt then? (Dlink dir-882, netgear R6800 etc)


There's no board support, for that people would need to share stuff like stock firmware boot logs and flash layout. Afaict that hasn't been done for any of these devices (DIR-878 has my interest, but I don't have it myself).


I'm interested In the DIR-882 or 878 as well, would it help to buy one and try connecting serial and give a dump of the flash layout?


It sure would :slight_smile:


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