Build for ZBT WE1026

I have a ZBT WE1026 router with Huawei me909u-521 GSM modem. It's a same device as ZBT WE826, but with the little differences.
Fresh firmware, based on LEDE:

Some info:

I wanted to build a new firmware, based on last stable release, but I couldn't do it.

This commands:
git clone
git clone -b v17.01.4
git clone
git clone -b v17.01.4
create same build - OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r6520
This build has many-many glitches for my hardware, and can not be used.

Where can I find stable LEDE source, last before OpenWrt/LEDE merge backward?

Now, I can not build 18.06...
18.06.2 image is too big even if drop most packages, placed in 17.01.

Privet !
I have both, the 1026 and the 826, with different configs: No samba, but nginx, php, squid, collectd, openvpn. And the 1026with a quectel modem, serial, too.
At first glance, you might

  • remove LuCI
  • drop opkg
  • drop ipv6
  • drop opkg-package-info
  • use wireguard instead of openvpn

Poka !

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Privet! :slight_smile:
To drop opkg - is a good idea, thanks!
And, by this way, I found this:
So, I builded 18.06.2 image with good set of packets, but LEDE 17.01.6 image include excellent set!
I don't know what to choose.

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17.01 is about to be EOLed with v19 imminent, so I'd suggest 18.06

18.06, as you should also get newer wifi-drivers (MT76)

Gde Tbi shiviosh ?

Device incompatible :frowning:
Is target we1026-5g-16m really for ZBT WE1026?
Or I mast use we826-16M target?

В Москве. :slight_smile:
btw, traditionally "ты" == "ty"

In my .config:
However, I did this build about 3 weeks ago (from TRUNK), so something might have changed in the meantime.
Actually, I can not build again, as I am travelling.

Ya shil i rabotal 5 let b Petere. Lutshe tshem Moskwi. Isvinite :slight_smile:

I found that we1026-5g-16m image create successfully with size more then 16MB (16.3 I have), but we826-16M - not. I think it's a mistake.
Therefore, I cannot load such image.

О! А я наоборот - не люблю Питер.

18.06.2 has big power consumption - about 2x - by comparison with 17.
LuCI-nginx not work in both.

ssh not work without Dropbear, with OpenSSH.
sshfs not work with Dropbear, without OpenSSH :frowning:

Rake everywhere...

I have a ZBT-WE1026 device:

But image, created with CONFIG_TARGET_ramips_mt7620_DEVICE_we1026-5g-16m=y bricked this device.
Versa, image, created with CONFIG_TARGET_ramips_mt7620_DEVICE_zbt-we826-16M=y - work fine, except LEDs.

I think the profile for we1026 has problems.

Which sources did you use ?,, or very last TRUNK ?
Difference in my working 1026 is the modem only, which is a Quectel EC25. Cheaper than the Huawei, which I also have in other devices, but out-of-production.

However, obviously you have some specialities, like sshfs, LuCI-nginx which might be the real issue. Although I am also running nginx on my 1026. When you say, only the 826-image works for you, then you might try to do a "diff 1026/.config 826/.config" . As these ones should be almost identical.
OR just do a standard image generation for the 1026, without any special/private customization. And check, whether this one works.

I trying LEDE 17.01.6 and OpenWRT 18.06.2.

I do:
Build workable LEDE 17.01.6 image with target zbt-we826-16M and with applications. With ssh, sftp, LuCI via lan and wi-fi.
Create diffconfig.
Copy LEDE 17.01.6 diffconfig to OpenWRT 18.06.2 as .config
make defconfig
As result, I have (semi) workable OpenWRT 18.06.2 image. It work, but need some tuning and have more power consumption.

After, I change target to we1026-5g-16m, and
make clean
both on LEDE 17.01.6 and OpenWRT 18.06.2

Result no have lan and wi-fi. May be - it works, but how?

Sorry, mea culpa: I just noticed, that there are two different variants of the WE1026:
WE1026 and WE1026-5G. Difference is 5GHz WiFi, and lack of WAN-port on the WE1026-5G.
As I wrote, I have the WE1026-5G, so for you this image might not work.
But the image of the WE826 works, incl. modem, correct ?

Yes, except soft-contrilled LEDs.
And yes, my WE1026 has WAN port and no has 5Ghz WiFi.

Hi, could You share working version? I have the same model (with WAN, without 5G) and looking for as newest as possible working version.
Thanks in advance

Was my firmware useful to you?