Build for WRT3200ACM (Discontinued)

Hey @cybrnook

When trying to install @stangri's openvpn-policy-routing, the included packages rep cannot satisfy dependencies, giving installation errors on the following not-included kmods:
kmod-ipt-ipset, kmod-nfnetlink. These are required for ipset installtation (and dnsmasq-full). I think the issue is once you include cryptodev support in the kernel, the kernel version doesn't match the snapshot versions (even though they are both 4.4.52, but the version number after the (dash) is different).

It would be great if you could include these kmods in your build, but I would totally understand if you don't want to!

Also, these kmods are ones I use for my USB-storage and other networking needs:
kmod-fs-hfsplus, kmod-fs-hfs, kmod-sched-connmark,kmod-usb-uhci

I would be totally okay if you'd like to provide me these files to use with the current build instead and you don't feel like releasing a new build.

Thank you!

Uno momento Senior! I will compile a beta build with what should be the dependencies (and your extras). Please test and let me know if the install works after that.

EDIT: @nidstigator Okay, try installting against this one:

Any feedback @nidstigator ?

Hi @cybrnook, that works, thanks!. Are you planning on making one against the stable branch?
Can't trust the 4.9 kernel yet for full-time use.

Sure, just wanted to make sure it worked before moving it to the stable side.

I don't like the fact though that you can't pull from the LEDE/OpenWRT repo's. That was one of my big selling points that I like when moving to a stable branch....... (Need to figure out how to match my kernel signature with the snapshots signature).

On a side note, compiling both new beta and stable now with the changed above (I think the major one for vpn bypass was changing to dnsmasq-full).

New Builds:


Added dnsmasq-full and some additional kmods. Should support direct installation of @stangri 's policy based VPN app: VPN Policy-Based Routing + Web UI - ARCHIVE #1

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Just FYI. I am running davidc502's latest with the 4.9 kernel and it is running flawlessly on my wrt1900acs v1. Been running for 4 days now. Davidc502 builds with the 4.9 kernel do have reboot issues on the wrt1900ac v1. No issues as, I said on, my wrt1900acs v1.
Suspect that cybrnook's will perform fine as well since they are both using the same base code, just minor rev differences.

OK, Just installed cybrnook's latest beta, r3792 with the 4.9 kernel. Installed and came up ok on my wrt1900acs v1. Too early to tell is any issues. Devices are connecting to wireless, etc.

Thanks for adblock being off by default.

Thanks @billmy1228 for testing. I know you always gravitate back to David's builds (you mention it quite a bit :slight_smile: ), but it's still appreciated to hear your feedback.

If you use a VPN, service, check out stangri's policy based app. It seems to be coming along quite well and my builds now have his dependencies. I feel it adds some much needed options to for our users to be able to route only certain things over VPN, instead of whole hog.

And yes, like you mentioned, the code base is the same between all builds. Only thing different is the paint job :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do you ever test the "stable" branch, or just stick to the beta?

I noticed in the last two builds there is a new radio (radio0, radio1 and radio2), is that right? For WRT3200ACM.

Yes, I believe that has the do with the bluetooth radio that's inside of it. Not sure what it can be used for if anything yet. I think it's there originally for better radar detection.

It has a few bits.

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Thanks buddy

No I don't normally try the stable builds. I like taking a risk and seeing what is coming down the road. While I have had an issue with some of the beta builds, they normally run just fine for me. I do not use a VPN so have not looked/tested that part of the builds. I know that has been a focus of yours which gives others a good firmware for VPN,

r3286 already, I just flash the old one a few days ago. Thanks again for your hard work.

Yeah, a few package tweaks to hit all the policy based routing app's prerequisites.

Had DNS issue with the beta r3792. Have seen similar DNS problem in LEDE/Openwrt and also DD-WRT from time to time. Using the same DNS servers, Google in my case, I get pauses on DNS lookups watching Chrome browser. Sets for period of time saying resolving. Also some MXDOMAINs, which really appear to be timeouts, and just retry the site and everything comes up. As I said I have seen this before with various builds. Right now I am running davidc502 r3681 with the 4.9 kernel. Was running that before I installed your beta. Back on r3681 and am not seeing the same behavior.

This is just an update on my experience, not a complaint. :wink:

FYI, the 'beta' or master branch also contains a lot of experimental code. For instance, test or beta versions of dnsmasq and other primary components in OpenWRT/LEDE. That's why i'd like to always stick to something relatively safer.

But thank you for sharing your experience!

@cybrnook: I'd like to thank you for adding HW-acceleration support back into your builds at the expense of being incompatible with kmods from the snapshot repos. FWIW, I am happy to get off my lazy but and build an image for my router if you feel like the compromise of HW acceleration is not worth it for other users of your build (if people start complaining)

Thanks again for all the help!

Ya I know I am playing with not quite ready for prime time code when running the beta branch. Most of the time it works fine but once in awhile there is a glitch. I like playing with the different firmware available for the wrt1900acs v1, DD-WRT (Brainslayer's latest runs quite well), LEDE, and Gargoyle. Guess you could say I am a moving target with testing. :wink:

Did some checking and it looks like Google DNS is having issues yesterday and today. I was still seeing some of the something I was seeing with the r3792 with davidc502's build. Have changed DNS servers and now things appear to be working fine. Suspect that the beta r3792 would work ok for me as well.

Just posting this after HW acceleration enabled, running on a 200mbps/20mbps connection.
Previously this would max out at 35mbps download.

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