Build for WRT3200ACM (Discontinued)

Discontinued, recommended to use build bot builds or other community builds. Sorry, I have no time for this currently.


I am a hobbyist, and recently started compiling LEDE for the WRT series. With the assistance on davidc502 and Villeneuve, I am now building successfully with my "required" packages. I am building for myself, but figured I would share with the community as a thanks (since the community helped me get to where I am). I am not taking requests (unless it makes sense), and I am not precompiling all packages, only what I have listed below.

As of r2518, I am compiling for WRT1200AC, WRT1900AC, WRT1900ACv2, WRT1900ACS, and *WRT3200ACM (*though I don't recommend the 3200 yet, as it has not matured).

I personally am running a WRT1900ACSv1, so that is the only "tested" build.

Could you please post an announcement for this on the OpenWRT forum where these
routers are being supported? And provide the needed info for the ToH page for

Several of the community builds listed have been shifting to LEDE already

David Lang

Thanks David for the suggestions.

I posted an announcement last evening, and it may or may not have been so well received (I have since removed it). So for the time being, I will just leave this here for users who wish to test LEDE.

I will continue to update the builds, and I will publish diffconfig's for the builds. But will just leave this here, as to not conflict with any public builds in OpenWRT (as this is LEDE after all :slight_smile: ).


Thanks for your builds , I just found this post, I will try your images for both mynWRT1900ACv2, and WRT3200ACM

Sounds good mojolacerator! I expect the WRT1900ACv2 will be pretty solid (Take the R2.0 build).

3200ACM is untested, and will likely be coming down with an older driver. However, if requested, I could update it. I don't have one to test, so I am not sure what trunk is publishing for the 3200 atm.

I don't expect the 3200 to be real solid until the driver/firmware get their next update that hopefully solves the degradation. Plus stats/graphs are currently broken on the latest driver, another reason I am still on 1011.

not too worried about wireless on the 3200 right now. Just using it's horse power to backdrop my home network. Using 1900ACv2 as an AP. Running LEDE trunk on both, and it has all passed the family to wait a bit to test your images. Can't take the whining...... "Dad What did you do?? Youtube isn't working!"

Builds updated, now includes:

latest driver
adblock 2.0
wpad - full (instead of mini)
PIA templates pre-defined in OpenVPN (my custom add)

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Very excited to try latest driver and kernel! I'll be giving this build a spin right now. Any issues so far with 1220 driver? Noise is confirmed working?

Also, do you know what those other 2 commits in the 1220 driver are for?

Noise confirmed working.

As of Kernel 4.4.38 this driver was also working fine for me as well, though we are on 4.4.39 now :smile:

Excellent. Any idea what those other 2 commits in 1220 driver are for?

@cybernook - any idea how I can diagnose an openVPN connection issue? Seems I can setup the openVPN connection but it can't receive a reply (no TLS handshake). I'm guessing it is firewall related but I'm a bit stumped and assume you have a working firewall config based on your setup...

Shot in the dark here, potentially new radios/receivers. Likely for DFS?,%20ePR3036Q(RF)

and the other is just adding support for 3x3 radio.

I based my setup off of this link:

Firewall rules I left alone, so you would need to setup your own. For testing, I used his rule set...
Start at line 20 and take care of firewall and DNS. (Make sure you also define your PIA_VPN internface as well)

EDIT: AH, I see an OpenVPN option I temporarily took out and forgot to add back in :slight_smile: (tls-cleint)

Give me a little time, and I will recompile the builds.

EDIT2: compiling now

EDIT3: Sorry about that, new builds uploading now. Same folder....

Please let me know

First time using adblock, is this error in the system log normal? It seems to be working.[4954]: udhcpc: no lease, failing

And the new, recompiled builds, if we aren't using openvpn, do we need to update?

nope, no need to update.

And for Adblock, I would assume a little teething on it. Adblock 2.0 was just released today. So I would keep an eye on his page for info. But seems like it's retying to reach out to the internet to download it's updates when perhaps the WAN interface isn't up yet.

FYI, I see the same:
Tue Dec 20 17:39:40 2016 daemon.err[2435]: udhcpc: started, v1.25.1
Tue Dec 20 17:39:40 2016 daemon.err[2435]: udhcpc: sending discover
Tue Dec 20 17:39:43 2016 daemon.err[2435]: udhcpc: no lease, failing

As it is during boot, I would not worry too much, as it still loads properly:
Tue Dec 20 17:41:44 2016 user.notice adblock-[2.0.0] info : status ::: block lists with overall 38724 domains loaded (LEDE GEMINI 3.0 r2608-05abcf5)

What adblock lists do you use? Btw, build is running fantastic!

May be a littlle heavy handed, but I use:



Not sure if you left it out, or it was removed because I restored my backup, but there was no entry in scheduled tasks to update the adblock lists. I added 0 */8 * * * /etc/init.d/adblock start to update every 8 hours. Also, I noticed that the distribution feeds only had
src/gz gemini_core

I added:
src/gz gemini_base
src/gz gemini_telephony (it won't let me put any more links, but u get the idea)
src/gz gemini_packages
src/gz gemini_routing
src/gz gemini_luci

Lastly, one more question. I noticed the new build was called 3.0 and the one before that was 2.0. Both being Gemini. Is that a new naming scheme LEDE is using? Also, on @david's builds, it wasn't Gemini, but something else. Do the[y just keep coming up with new names for the newer builds?

Still have the same issue unfortunately. Has to be firewall but I am really stumped. Infuriating!

Just something I am doing. The only naming scheme from LEDE was "reboot" and then the head version r2608, for example.

and yes, I removed links to packages as I am not providing any.

and yes, every time you flash, your cron will get overwritten. Though in this build I have a job predefined to update adblock every night.