Build for TP-Link TL-WR841N(D) [all versions]

You need to build your own image... In that way you will be able to add desired packages and remove unwanted, this is far better in matter of space saving than opkg install...

build process it is easy, you just need a debian X86-64, can be a virtual machine too, Build is not the same as compile, it is very fast, you will be able to choice the packages that you want to add and the ones you want to remove from the .bin firmware image. Then you do a sysupgrade to that file (it is easier to do if you upload using ftp to a location and then use wget to /tmp from your Router...

Try Let me know if you need help.
When you get successfully the .bin images you need to follow in order to customize the list of desired packages.

You could also try a community user build:

see listings: seems that LADUS and JULIA comes with DNSCrypt

This user was also trying to build his own images Build own LEDE for TL WR841N

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