Build for TP-Link TL-WR841N(D) [all versions]

Working great over here!

Hello @amq .

I will be always grateful for your work.
Actually, i´m using @hmd61551 JULIA build, because SQM works better than old QoS for me
and i don´t need VPN...

As we are many in the world, and each one needs a type of firmware, people like you and @hmd61551 will always help us.

Regards and sorry for the bad english...

could this build be used for tplink 740n v 4.28 (pretty much same hw except one less antenna)?

Yeah, I think I could add the following devices in the next release:


That would be great :slight_smile: , thanks for reply.

Hello @amq.

Have you ever considered replace QoS for SQM in your builds? Or you think that QoS is better? There's enough space to do this?


SQM requires more space and currently there is no way to fit it in without removing some features, which I won't do. From my experience, QoS does its job.


Thanks for feedback.
Just a suggestion.


There were hardly any relevant for us changes in LEDE since the last build. r3218 is stable, and I recommend using it until we get kernel 4.9.

Amazing, It is very helpful to see instructions of how you achieve the modifications and that helpful notes too. Thanks!

I have a 841nv8 router with 8M flash and 64M memory ,do you know how to build 8M image for it?

Hey guys, Im using the build posted on OP.
Can someone tell me how to enable dnscrypt? Its not enabled out of the box.

Thanks in advance.

edit- Tried to install dnscrypt-proxy but apparently im out of space.

I suggest you need extroot before

You might read this or this after that, install all of the package what do you want

External storage? This router doesnt even have usb port.

You need to build your own image... In that way you will be able to add desired packages and remove unwanted, this is far better in matter of space saving than opkg install...

build process it is easy, you just need a debian X86-64, can be a virtual machine too, Build is not the same as compile, it is very fast, you will be able to choice the packages that you want to add and the ones you want to remove from the .bin firmware image. Then you do a sysupgrade to that file (it is easier to do if you upload using ftp to a location and then use wget to /tmp from your Router...

Try Let me know if you need help.
When you get successfully the .bin images you need to follow in order to customize the list of desired packages.

You could also try a community user build:

see listings: seems that LADUS and JULIA comes with DNSCrypt

This user was also trying to build his own images Build own LEDE for TL WR841N

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DNSCrypt: I recommend to build your own image

Here is the plan for the next release:

  • LEDE master instead of 17.01
  • GCC 7 instead of 6
  • Add WireGuard which offers 2x+ the performance of OpenVPN
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@braian87b, @amq: Thanks a lot guys.

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I'd recommend reading this too:

I've never thanked you, so I will do now, thanks @amq for your work and effort, I've used your builds some time ago multiple times and they worked very great :slight_smile:

any news for support for version v13 of thewr841n?
I must urgently develop a custom firmware for this model