Build for Linksys EA9500


If you are using trunk you won't need to do anything with WiFi firmware. Once you patch the network script, you also need to run my script


How often does need to be run, just after initial flash?

EDIT: Nevermind, I see you added it to rc.local

EDIT2: So it builds, and I can see the switch ports being activated in the boot log, so looks much better. But for whatever reason I still can't actually seem to pass traffic over the lan port, like pinging gateway yields no response from a client on the network. On a side note, your latest non-pulled build doesn't have that issue :slight_smile:

I would say it's not quite ready to build from trunk yet. I think I will just clone/fork your repo for the time being. I am close, so close, I know that.


@npcomplete, question. Do you know (can you valdiate) if builds generated from your repo made as a fresh clone, as of right now, using the config.seed you provide in the root of openwrt actually generate working images?

Never-mind, it does. You just have a lot of custom modifications to your config file (I was trying to base off of a vanilla config that menuconfig generated after enabling ea9500 in the makefile, seems that dependencies are missed with that). I just need to build/remove based on that as a template.

Any idea why/what is needed to help better roll in the dependencies this router needs into the recipe that get's generated through make menuconfig by default? Two wildly different config files, yours vs what menuconfig makes. Which is the difference between a working and non-working system :sleepy:


@npcomplete Maybe it makes it easier, if you post your config.seed from the nov build?


Sure, I'll post the config.seed by tonight.


Is it possible to provide one with the minimum modifications needed to generate a working build? Then users can build off without having the additional packages you may use for your personal build? I know you have dependant scripts that get executed based off your custom packages as well, like hot plug, mounting, log rotating. But I don't think USB ports work, right?


Update: I had to disconnect my dev setup at home as I needed to move some network equipment in my family room. Can't perform any tests until I have wired internet to my dev setup.


Thanks for the update, hope all is well.


Well my one year old pulled all the network cables! I guess he couldn't wait to help his dad!


So you had a "Natural Disaster" :slight_smile:


I've rewired my setup... so will be able to provide a minimal build config/patch soon.


Looking forward to it buddy. Perhaps also a new push to git with that new build also? (and of course the latest .config you are using?)

Glad you are back up and running.


yes I intend to push it to git


Minimal build and patch uploaded


Thanks buddy! Was this compiled against your current source, or do you have a separate fork for this that's not shared? I saw your repo has no recently pushed commits.

Do you know if this patch will work against OpenWRT trunk? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


this patch will work with trunk


You're a boss! Thanks Vivek, mucho mucho gracias.


Just warnings, so nothing to be concerned with?

openwrt@openwrt-debian:~/openwrt$ git apply openwrt-minimal.patch
openwrt-minimal.patch:5963: trailing whitespace.
openwrt-minimal.patch:6047: space before tab in indent.
 			label = "wan";
openwrt-minimal.patch:6048: space before tab in indent.
openwrt-minimal.patch:6049: trailing whitespace.
openwrt-minimal.patch:6072: space before tab in indent.
 		port@8 {
warning: squelched 10 whitespace errors
warning: 15 lines add whitespace errors.

EDIT: Seems not too bad, and safe to ignore:


Tried it out and compiled with no problems

Great job


@npcomplete What command would I use if I want to flash mtd0,mtd1 and mtd2 and can I do it from the serial console or the CFE console?
I want to make sure I don't do something stupid

Or can this also be done from ssh