Broke dns trying to revert to stock settings after trying to enable opendns [wndr3800]


Brand new user. Successfully installed openwrt 19.07.n [current stable release] on my wndr3800. Tried to enable opendns by unchecking the use peer dns on the wan config and adding two dns servers and This promptly broke my internet and I was unable to load any web pages. I tried checking strict order and all servers in DCHP and DNS configuration. This didn't fix the problem. I rebooted the modem router and computer and problem persisted. I reverted all these settings and rebooted the modem router and computer and the problem persisted. Trying nslookup results in:


** server can't find REFUSED

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks for your help. I used factory reset and restored my settings. All is working using the peer dns.

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