Bridge interfaces on snapshot RPi4B

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Tell me, please, where did the bridge setup go?
I installed a new version of OpenWRT (though this is a snapshot) on a Raspberry Pi 4B and now I can't find the bridge setup...
It used to be here: where the green arrow is marked, there was a flag "Bridge"

thank you very much!


Yes that's it. But in the new version of this tank there is no ...

how many physical interfaces do you have?

might be related to the recent dsa stuff...

4: Eth0, Radio0, Radio1, Radio2

I did not hear about it ...


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What to do now? :frowning:

Use Network → Interfaces → Devices → Add device configuration
In the popup set "Device type" to the "Bridge device" and then pick a name and select "Bridge ports"

You may also check Mini tutorial for DSA network config


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