Bricked xiaomi r3p, need some help answering some question

Hi, i manage to bricked my R3P by uncarefully upload a firmware to it..
reset dosent help, orange led light all the time and one white flash, and when i connect a tp cable to it direct to a computer, the connection come and go, but manage to get a ip from it, 169.x.x.x, which i understand = no connection..

now i have open up the router and connect a TTL seriell adapter to it, RX->TX and TX->RX, and VCC and GND to the right place.

ive downloaded Tftp and initramfs.bin, installed Tftp and point it to the right folder.

so, my question is..

  1. when connect the TTL to a usb port on the computer, does the power from the adatper for the router needed?

  2. it says on the page "After power-on, your router will pause for 5 seconds at the uboot menu. Pressing '1' will get you into the tftpboot menu. "
    is this a done within the Tftp software or something else?

I manage to get back to stock firmware and then to openwrt again.

P. S
This guide needed a rewrite...


I have exactly the same problem.
I tried to reset it countless times and still steady orange light...

It seems that I need to buy an UART and open my router to have a change to get it back ?
Right ?
There is no other way ?

You will have to scroll through this post ( Support for Xiaomi Wifi R3P Pro? ), but I assure you their is a fix on there as I had the exact same problem and it can be resolved using your UART device.

Its a shame the admins shut that post down as the main person customising the firmware for our devices was still trying to find candidates with the different version memory used in their R3P so he could create a workable firmware for it.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I bought an UART adapter & pins, soldered and then set up a tftpd server but didn't manage to make it work...
I wanted to use the confinement to work on my home network, servers, NAS... So I bought a new router.
Problem solved, the expensive way :wink:

You can definitely get it to work again though, will take about 20 minutes once you get your head around it. Then you can role it back to the manufacturers ENGLISH version firmware and keep it as a usable spare or use it in a bridge mode hardwired or via WIFI which can be selected from within the official menu and extend your WIFI / Network.

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