Bricked ax3000T need help please

Hi everyone!

I've just bought an AX3000T to install it, learn about openwrt and upgrade my network knowledges, but I miss something at the very end of the installation procedure and it final reboot it just went brick.

I've bought an usb ttl, solder the pin on the keyboard, plug it and I'm able to see what's going on at the router start with putty;

F0: 102B 0000
FA: 1040 0000
FA: 1040 0000 [0200]
F9: 0000 0000
V0: 0000 0000 [0001]
00: 0000 0000
BP: 2400 0041 [0000]
G0: 1190 0000
EC: 0000 0000 [1000]
T0: 0000 0239 [010F]
Jump to BL

NOTICE: BL2: v2.9.0(release):OpenWrt v2023.10.13~0ea67d76-1 (mt7981-spim-nand-d dr3)
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 00:04:17, Mar 30 2024
NOTICE: WDT: Cold boot
NOTICE: WDT: disabled
NOTICE: EMI: Using DDR3 settings
NOTICE: EMI: Detected DRAM size: 256MB
NOTICE: EMI: complex R/W mem test passed
NOTICE: CPU: MT7981 (1300MHz)
NOTICE: SPI_NAND parses attributes from parameter page.
NOTICE: SPI_NAND Detected ID 0xc8
NOTICE: Page size 2048, Block size 131072, size 134217728
NOTICE: BL2: Booting BL31
NOTICE: BL31: v2.9.0(release):OpenWrt v2023.10.13~0ea67d76-1 (mt7981-spim-nand- ddr3)
NOTICE: BL31: Built : 00:04:17, Mar 30 2024

U-Boot 2024.01-OpenWrt-r25717-d7d94a8d91 (Mar 30 2024 - 00:04:17 +0000)

CPU: MediaTek MT7981
Model: Xiaomi Router AX3000T
DRAM: 256 MiB
Core: 32 devices, 14 uclasses, devicetree: embed
Loading Environment from UBI... spi-nand: spi_nand spi_nand@0: GigaDevice SPI NA ND was found.
spi-nand: spi_nand spi_nand@0: 128 MiB, block size: 128 KiB, page size: 2048, OO B size: 64
Read 126976 bytes from volume ubootenv to 000000004f7c1c80
Read 126976 bytes from volume ubootenv2 to 000000004f7e0cc0
In: serial@11002000
Out: serial@11002000
Err: serial@11002000
reset button found
Loading Environment from UBI... UBI partition 'ubi' already selected
Read 126976 bytes from volume ubootenv to 000000004f7c1c80
Read 126976 bytes from volume ubootenv2 to 000000004f7e0cc0
Net: eth0: ethernet@15100000

    ( ( ( OpenWrt ) ) )       U-Boot 2024.01-OpenWrt-r25717-d7d94a8d91 (Mar                                                                                                                                                              
  1. Run default boot command.
  2. Boot system via TFTP.
  3. Boot production system from NAND.
  4. Boot recovery system from NAND.
  5. Load production system via TFTP then write to NAND.
  6. Load recovery system via TFTP then write to NAND.
  7. Load BL31+U-Boot FIP via TFTP then write to NAND.
  8. Load BL2 preloader via TFTP then write to NAND.
  9. Reboot.
  a. Reset all settings to factory defaults.
  0. U-Boot console

I tried various solution, with miwifirepair doesn't work, the C0A81F02.img stuff saw here: Xiaomi ax3600 bricked - #112 by sqrwv it doesn't work, TFTP64 with tftpboot command; it doesn't work neither it says:

"Using ethernet@15100000 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'openwrt-factory.ubi'.
ERROR: reserving fdt memory region failed (addr=4fc00000 size=100000 flags=4)
Load address: 0x46000000
Loading: *
ARP Retry count exceeded; starting again

it loop forever but don't boot it anyway.

So here I am, I was wondering a solution to just upload an openwrt snapshot to the router nand and then flash it or boot it but I don't figure out how to ( remember I'm a noob and still learning...)

Thanks for advance to any kind person that would help me....

This device is very tricky to be used as a newbie.
I suppose you followed the instructions from the device page. Which step did you fail to follow?

This is for a different device, just to make sure you are not using the same binaries.
There is also the procedure to go back to stock firmware from U-boot.

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Hi @trendy!

Yeah That's the tutorial I've follow, I think I miss the very last step when it says flash stock image from back up.

I rebooted and the device stays on blue led, the rescue mode with the pin before power up doesn't work anymore.

I also try the method from ax3600t with the ax3000t stock firmware because I'm despairing...

Thanks for the u-boot procédure, but that's the problem. How to upload the recovery file from the server (my pc with putty for example) to the router nand ? I can't get ssh access, with winSCP it can't connect so... How?

I saw there a member (@Volenski )who was in same situation, same router, same problem (probably because of the same openwrt file finaly) and he says he solve the problem with tiny PXE :

I don't know how to use it so I'll give a try and see.

Do you have a tftp server running on your pc? It is unclear from your posts

The openwrt bin file needs to be available by tftp

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