Best way to get a wireless AP on a Zimaboard using openwrt?


I'm not very tech savvy but I like playing around this devices, but I got this Zimaboard which I installed openwrt on it. I also have this intel pcie wifi 6e card for it. I thought I could attach it on and use it with openwrt as a AP, then I checked the forums, and sure enough intel isn't a good wifi card and it's not compatible especially for 6E.

Now does anyone know what else I can use? I want it to access both 2.4GHz and 5GHz range.


do yourself a favor, and get a stand alone wireless ... something, router or AP.


Maybe a USB dongle?

More likely something like dap-x1860, covr-x1860, wsm20 or better.

No, try to avoid USB WiFi, even the chipset is supported the feature/performance isn't comparable (they are designed to be used as client)

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Same configuration here! Were you able to make ax210 work in zimaboard at least with 2.4g in openwrt?

give up, get your self a AP or use a old router and make it work as a AP or something. The headache on those pci(e)/usb wifi jank is not worth it. Those stuff normally not include wifi amplifiers on them so they are only as good for wifi client use.

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At a risk of sounding obvious, the best way to have an access point is to have an access point. Modern access points have very specific hardware that is specific to them and is rarely encountered on routers, not to mention general-purpose devices.

I recently published here a guide to installing OpenWrt on Sophos AP 55/55C/100/100C. In the aftermath of writing that guide, I have a few of those APs with OpenWrt already installed lying around, so if you are in North America, send me a private message, I'll make you a deal... :wink: