Best USB Wifi dongle for Raspberry PI 4B?

I want to make a wifi router for both ethernet => wifi and wifi => wifi from my Raspberry 4 B.
I installed OpenWrt with success and it works, but for the latter case I need a second wifi port. So I purchased a TP-Link Archer T3U USB Wifi dongle and plugged it into a USB 2 port of the RPI.
But iti did not work and finding drivers (e.g. Realtek 8812BU) only leads to shady source code packages without a decent installation manual and no ready to use drivers. So I decided to return it to the shop.

Is there another Wifi USB dongle which works out of the box on a RPI 4B using OpenWrt OS ?
I have OpenWrt OS 22.03.
With 'out of the box' I mean at least with precompiled drivers ready to install.

Tp-link UE300 seems widely recommended

(for wired) that is indeed.
Intended use as additional wireless interface needs another one, Darksky posted a great link!

Fwiw, I got a spare 8821CE . Seems this is supported in the rtw88 package (at least), and I'll see if I can get it to compile for 22.3

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TP-link UE300 is a wired Ethernet adapter.
What I need is a USB Wifi dongle to add an extra wifi port to the Raspberry Pi with OpenWrt to use it as a wifi to wifi router with its own subnet.
The intended use is a travel router, so connecting the 'front end' of the RPI to the public wifi and the 'back end' is an isolated subnet.