Best Router for OpenVPN Dual WAN

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I am currently running an OpenVPN client on a Teltonika RUT240 and it is terribly slow, less than 10 Mbit/s. I use ExpressVPN, and my laptop OpenVPN client easily reaches 65Mbit/s down, so it is the slow router CPU without SSL offloading.

I have a dual wan setup where my cable internet (80Mbit/s down, 20 up) is my primary connection and LTE my backup. Apart from the OpenVPN speed this works good so far.

I am looking into buying a faster router. I have stumbled upon the Linksys WRT1200ACS. I do not need WiFi so I do not need the faster Wifi of the WRT3200.

I am also interested in the Netgate SG-3100 pfsense appliance, but the price is nearly 500€.

Does anyone have a dual wan setup with OpenVPN client running on a WRT1200ACS, what is your throughput?

Do you have any hardware suggestions, maybe with a builtin LTE modem?

kind regards, Achim

the cheapest router for vpn usage is a Friedlyelec nanopi R1S-H5 that has SSL offload capabilities - should be able to route at ~500mbps openvpn

  • no official openwrt support but a firendlyelec maintained fork
  • lan port connected at usb2 rates ~ maxes out at ~320mbps
  • embedded wifi is very limited
  • no lte modem

if you want embedded LTE & vpn performance this comes at a higher price

  • turris omnia that has minipci slot so you can install your own lte card + sim but the price is >200 euro

if you want something in between as pricing you can try gl-inet GL-X750 but vpn should not exceed 30mbps - if you want more try wireguard

Thanks, the nanopi has only two ethernet interfaces, that is too little.

I bought a used WRT1900ACS v2 for 90 Euro, and am going to use the RUT 240 as a LTE modem in bridge mode. The Linksys has the same CPU and RAM specs as the turris omnia, and I don't need Wifi on the VPN gateway.

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I now bought a used WRT1900ACS v2.

It reaches about 60Mbit/s through ExpressVPN / OpenVPN on my 75Mbit/s line. CPU load on a single core is about 80 percent.

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