Benchmark request: OpenWrt as a file server (SAMBA or NFS)


I am considering to buy a new router. The current one is a TP-Link Archer C7 v2, which is good enough for me except for one thing: file server performance. Even with some NOTRACK rules added, I could not get more than 11 megabytes per second (no matter via SAMBA or via NFS) from an SSD connected via USB SATA adapter.

So, I am interested in benchmark results from other routers, for wired clients, to avoid wasting money on something that would still be too slow for the price. Especially interesting would be results from mvebu-based routers and BananaPi R2 or R64.

esata port with a SSD Samsung 830 + F2FS
Enclosure: Fanatec 225U3eSATAp-6G, power via esata cable
wired Win10 Client
Samba-4.9 or Cifsd (has lower cpu usage)


PS: I had a HGST 5K1000-1000 HDD hooked up before the ssd, so that's at least what you can expect the esata port can deliver on power. The hdd is listed at 1.6W read/write power.

INFO: I did use a USB3.0 enclosure before and had some problems with the disk getting randomly disconnected and also slower write speeds (50-70 MB/s), that's why i switched to esata. No clue if my usb port is defect or what was going on, but its rock solid now via esata.