Belkin RX7500 support

I'm new here but had fun setting up OpenWRT on an old Google Wifi lately. Thought I'd see if I could get it working on a super cheap ($14) Wifi 6 AP.

Ordered up a Belkin RX7500 (AX1800 "range extender") from the big A (to be delivered tomorrow) and then went to the Belkin website to see what kind of free software I could find for it.

I was surprised to find what appears to be a complete OpenWRT source tarball here:, where it says RX7500. Anyway, I'll give it a go later this week. Looks like maybe OpenWRT has already been ported by the vendor. Maybe it's just a matter of verifying that and updating the h/w support db? Seems too good to be true, so probably it is.

Any advice?

fcc id shows IPQ6000. I would not hold my breath for it . Pick other platform like Mediatek

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That seems right based on what I find in the source distribution, which has references to ipq60xx.

After reading through this thread Wifi 6 IPQ6000 Support I'm thinking this won't be easy. The SDK I'm looking at is likely based on an older version of OpenWRT. I wonder if it will work at all.

Is it really not worth trying?

The SDK is nothing but that, unfortunately. 99% of the time it's based on ancient OpenWrt code, but the bits that make it run are all binary blobs. So it's often pretty useless.

Here are some pics of the unit and the board inside:

It has 2 connectors on the board. One is a group of 4 jumper pins on the front labeled J1003 and the other is on the back - a 6-pin female block that says J117.

Is there a guide to hacking these things? Where would you start? Maybe I'll try compiling the SDK they provide, even if it does contain big binary blobs or whatever.

Realizing all these pictures are already on that linked site above. Anyway, fun to look inside and see for myself.