Belkin RT3200 - fresh Install

Picked up this router today, the install instructions were great and very straightforward from dangowrt github thread.

After configuring interfaces, setting up a couple of preferred upstream DNS servers, enabling wifi, ssh, we are up and running. Using the user guide to follow for all post-install needs now.

Just wanted to introduce myself, and set up. Looking forward to the community here!

SpeedTest/Overview attached*

Welcome in the forum you can also download a new snapshot 5.10.107 actually

Soon 22.03 for this router

Thanks Dopam!

I did not see the latest, should I be looking in [OpenWrt Wiki] Linksys E8450 (aka. Belkin RT3200) ? (

Not that.
As you are running the UBI variant, make sure to download the UBI syupgrade image...



Great catch on that, according to the guide on github thats going to be following the SSH method for updating to latest snapshot? GitHub - dangowrt/linksys-e8450-openwrt-installer: OpenWrt firmware installer for the Linksys E8450 aka. Belkin RT3200

When you are already running the OpenWrt, you just need a normal sysupgrade, from LuCI or from SSH console.

note that the master snapshot images so not contain LuCI by default. So, you need to install LuCI afterwards via opkg from SSH console,

or alternatively, compile personal image including LuCI either with the imagebuilder, or use the "auc" attendedsysupgrade so that it builds an upgrade image with your current packageset.

Ps. as you are running the UBI variant, you will always have the initramfs OpenWrt instance as the fallback system.

No better way to get a crash course then trip out because you cant hit the GUI anymore, reset router, then finally realize that for snapshot upgrades you just need to ssh to download LuCi :smiley:

We are upgraded now.. good to know for the future

Will save this to my favorites as well.. OpenWrt Firmware Selector

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question on attenna transmit power.. i did select country code for each interface to match where I am located. However when I go to the 2.4 & 5 Ghz the maximum transmit power is selected. Is there any guidance on how to use the lowest possible?

Well, I guess, just adjusting txpower to your liking.

I just left these at auto for both wireless interfaces. Even though they stay on max power just trying to avoid issues down the line. Would hope in future updates to the snapshot that its possible to have these adjust to minimum needed based on quality of transmission to clients.

Can I do a fresh install by first using:


and then jumping straight to openwrt-22.03.0-rc6xxxx?


The "ubi-initramfs-recovery-installer.itb" upgrades the bootloader, changes parittion structure to UBI based, and installs the initramfs recovery instance. And then you use that instance to sysupgrade to the specific normal sysupgrade image that you want. rc6 is currently the newest semi-release.

You should not need to ever again to use the ubi-installer. That version will remain as the recovery console, but you sysupgrade to newer builds as you want.


Thank you for your kind and prompt reply hnyman.

Have a nice day.

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