AW7915-NP1 x86 Access Point

Hello to all. Happy Friday!

Looking to build an x86 AP with:

I see a lot of cheap x86 HW on AliExpress like:!USD!US%20%24127.00!US%20%24127.00!!!!!%40210323b116603111208642126e594f!12000029014353389!btf&_t=pvid:329d7543-987c-4bde-ac0d-70cef279fab2&afTraceInfo=1005002718213661__pc__pcBridgePPC__xxxxxx__1660311121

What is the best Intel CPU to use for an AP? Also, anyone that have had working experience with AW7915-NP1. Do you know how may concurrent clients it will support?

Thanks again for you advise. Have a great day!

the AX link doesn't work

APs don't require any CPU power, since they don't perform any routing.

seems the PC world is moving towards NGFF, might be better to get a NGFF card, instead of mPCIe, if available.

Sorry it didn't work. I can open it. So, any x86 with a low power CPU will do? Looking for a solution that later down the road I can simply replace the WLAN and move on.

WLAN as in the radio ? yes ....

Talking about x86 HW. And, thanks for your reply.

Sorry for the 1mil questions this morning. Recommendations on a AX NGFF card?

Looking at something like this:!USD!US%20%24127.00!US%20%24127.00!!!!!%40210323b116603111208642126e594f!12000029014353389!btf&_t=pvid:329d7543-987c-4bde-ac0d-70cef279fab2&afTraceInfo=1005002718213661__pc__pcBridgePPC__xxxxxx__1660311121

AsiaRF sell NGFF cards too.

That box doesn't appear to have any holes for wifi antennas? Or are you going to drill them?

I can ask the seller to drill them or I can do it. Can you recommend any AX card that has been tested and working with Openwrt?

If you want AX support on openwrt now, your only option is Mediatek.

Building your own wifi 6 AP will cost you more than buying one. you can get a WAX206 for 90€ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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