PC engine APU2C4 with Wifi 6?

i have an APU2C4 with a wifi module compex WLE600VX (2.4/5Ghz AC) and i'm wondering if it's possible to install an additional WLE3002HX https://compex.com.sg/shop/wifi-module/802-11ax-wifi-module/wle3002hx/
in order to get wifi 6 ?

Currently, only Mediatek AX radios are supported.

Support for ath11k (on x86_64) is partially available, you'd probably have to spend quite a bit of development to get it fully working. That aside, keep in mind that these cards are power hungry and generate quite a lot of heat, both may be a bit too much for your board/ case - and I'd be rather surprised if the old GX-412TC Jaguar cores are fast enough to keep the cards busy…

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...and most of these cards are oversized so they may/may not fit.

ok thanks for replying :sob: :sob: :sob:


Did you ever move forward with this? I have an AEX-QCA6391-NX1 currently en-route for my APU2D4.


hi i wasn't aware about this card, please let me know when you have it installed and working in your APU !!

It just arrived yesterday. I hope to start working on it soon. I have completed a compile of the master branch with 5.15 based kernel, just not certain the ath11k drivers are there or not. If not I will have to tweak it some.

you ordered internal and external antennas ??

Nope, didnt order any antennas, they just came with it :slight_smile:

Look into the ipq807x support thread/ branch for ath11k support, it contains the (at least some) necessary ath11k firmware blobs and some driver fixes. QCA6391 isn't present in any supported devices so far, which means you'll likely have to extend the firmware packages and do some further development.

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according to this page : https://pcengines.github.io/apu2-documentation/mpcie_modules/


The AW7915-NP1 is a MediaTek MT7915E based Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) card from AsiaRF. It features 4x4 MIMO and support for 160MHz channels, and a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 2400 Mb/s. In the apu2, the card can reach over 1Gb/s transfer speeds in ideal conditions.

This module has been tested to work reliably in an apu2c4 board running OpenWRT 21.02.02. No firmware tweaks are necessary for correct operation.

The card gets hot under sustained operation, easily reaching over 130 degrees celsius if not cooled sufficiently. A heatsink is recommended, the card does not come with one.

Well the MT7915-NPD I have works fine too.

The QCA6391 I have, could never even get it detected.

this one ?

Yep. I tried to get things working with Ath11 etc on my 5.15 based build but never got anywhere.

Ok so you bought this one, and it works. https://www.asiarf.com/shop/wifi-wlan/wifi_mini_pcie/wifi6-2t2r-dual-bands-dbdc-mpcie-card-11ax-mt7915-aw7915-npd/
did you add a heatsink as recommended by pcengines ?

The card gets hot under sustained operation, easily reaching over 130 degrees celsius if not cooled sufficiently. A heatsink is recommended, the card does not come with one.

Others who tested the asiarf mt7915 cards on different (ppc64) hardware noticed that as well, those cards (admittedly all AP capable wifi6 cards) are running very hot and require sufficient cooling (or crash).

for the cooling to be effective, in such a small case, does it need to be in contact with the enclosure? as it is the case for the CPU.

you could make a hole in the cover, and add a fan.

Yes/no. I don't trust that description. Everything but the written description says 2t2r. The written says 4t4r.

As for temperature, mine says its running at 53c even after running 1 hour of video streaming. Temp reading of the top RF shield is 41c. If we seriously have to cool these the RF shields need to come off. It's obvious by the amount of deflection there is no TIM between the chips and the RF shield.

It could be the 4t4r are running hotter.