Autoscript to upgrade


if I use snapshot and would like to use autoscript to upgrading weekly to latest snapshot, is it possible? If so, idea how ?

cron job doing

wget of the image and a sysupgrade afterwards.

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Cronjob can download image and sysupgrade by itself?


you'll have to write the script, cron will execute it.

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Yes i know I will have to write it :wink:
Sorry I misspoke.

My question was if cronjob script could do all the job

You have considered the risk of your router becoming inoperational after the unattended upgrade has been done, havn't you?

Snapshots are in development and my be broken at any time. They may work fine for you without any problems for long time, until that one commit breaks everything for your setup. Chances are that you will notice this only hours after the automatic upgrade has been done, when sitting on the breakfast table and you can't surf your usual morning news websites.

If you upgrade manually, you can react immediately.
If you upgrade automatically, there might be hours until you even notice.


You're right.