Autoupgrade: need testers & feedback


Let me introduce my project autoupgrade for OpenWRT. Its a modified sysupgrade script that automates the system upgrade process.

  • sha256 checksum verification of upgrade image
  • gpg verification of upgrade image
  • automatic re-installation of opkg packages incl. kmods
  • backup and restore with packages

Its been currently successfully tested on the following hardware:

  • x86/64
  • tp-link archer c7 v2

VirtualBox Image you can import and play with:

I am in need of testers that are familiar with:

  • OpenWRT itself (installing, backup & restore ...)
  • resetting their devices (if needed)
  • tftp restore (if needed)

Yes I am all those & more! and willing to test.. so how do i set this up ?

  1. Backup your device with sysupgrade -b.
  2. View the pull-request which includes a video of what to expect.
  3. Download or wget the sysupgrade version of your current installed version to /tmp and chmod +x it.
  1. View installed packages with /tmp/sysupgrade -k and note them somewhere safe.

  2. Backup your device using /tmp/sysupgrade -b and copy this file somewhere safe.

  3. Setup the upgrade url for your device with /tmp/sysupgrade -U <upgrade_url> (=link to image you normally download to upgrade device manually)

  4. Validate with /tmp/sysupgrade -U if the url is set correctly.

  5. Check if there is an update for your device with /tmp/sysupgrade -w

  6. To test run:
    /tmp/sysupgrade -T -Zzz (to do a testrun)
    If all done correctly run
    /tmp/sysupgrade -Zzz
    to perform the upgrade.

  7. SNAPSHOT/MASTER-ONLY: you can schedule this with cron (checks every hour for update):
    !note: in lack of a proper solution atm its parked in /etc/config,this will change in the future!

  • mv /tmp/sysupgrade /etc/config/sysupgrade
  • service enable crond
  • crontab -e and paste * 0 * * * * /etc/config/sysupgrade -Zzz | logger -t sysupgrade
  1. Want to switch from snapshot to release or vice versa ?
  • run /tmp/sysupgrade -U <new_url>
  • validate with /tmp/sysupgrade -w
  1. Logs are found in /var/log or view the system log in luci.
  • please post your logs and device brand/version in this thread as attachment
  • troubleshooting/questions post them in this thread.
  • ama goto: irc #openwrt and ping me.

Have fun and thanks for testing!

Edited/Fixes: sat 17 nov 2018

  • testing repos are synced now
  • typo's/grammar
  • url error

Jookia commented 34 minutes ago

Works on the WNDR3800, but doesn't auto-install luci when installing a snapshot.
It also didn't start my 6in4 interface after installing the package.

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