Automatic channel width mode for wifi

hello. is it possible to add the ability to automatically select the channel width in the settings Wi-Fi?

What does this mean in practical usage?

  • When connected to an AP as client?
  • Or when configured as master AP?
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it's already there ?
just perhaps not the width you'd like it to be ...

in the wi-fi settings. Where the channel and channel width are configured.

Understood, but are you able to answer the question:

Need to know if you mean configuration an as an AP or as a Client (it matters which one).

there should be automatic consistency, maybe the device does not support this channel width option and, accordingly, there should be auto-tuning of the channel bus.

What does this mean?


As an AP or Client? :smiley:

when setting up the main Wi-Fi point on the router.

I assume this means as an AP.

If so, you simply set the largest bandwidth you desire (or that the law allows) for the radio. It will auto adjust [downward] if need be.

This feature already exists - it's the WiFi standard.

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some clients might not connect if you pick something wider than default though.

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Are you asking about 160 MHz? Because mt76 will advertise 160 MHz on lots of 802.11ac hardware without actually supporting it AFAIK.

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as I understand it, if I set the channel width to 40, then for devices that do not support this width, the router will narrow the channel to 20, but only for a specific device. the rest supporting the channel width of 40 will be at 40. do I understand correctly?

You understand somewhat correctly - or you're failing to consider TX and RX (it's difficult to determine).

  • The client device controls its TX
  • The AP master controls its TX

RX is not under the control of the receiving radio.

Hence, there is no "only for a specific device". So you (perhaps :person_shrugging: ) understand incorrectly.

But...I think you are referring to TX...there is also a antenna "steering" algorithm you are not considering.

I would better clarify the wording in your statement as such:

for devices that do not support this width, the router can successfully use 20 MHz with that client

(I hope you're not getting into the nuances of Radio Theory. lol)


with channel width 40 enabled on the router

Yep, I was gonna add that to the quote, I thought that was understood TBH:

with channel width of 40MHz enabled on the router - AND/BUT for devices that do not support this width, the router can successfully use 20 MHz with that client*

*- I assume this is standard consumer WiFi regulations and not theory

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That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for attention. You can close this topic.


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