Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

IMHO it's futile to discuss this in a forum instead of a PR where we could comment directly on code fragments. But this part looks like it would break any sysupgrade attempt:

nand_do_upgrade takes exactly one argument - the image file.

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Thank you, kind man.
Now I understand the reason for the problem described above.
This means there is no error in my code (but I'm not 100% sure)

Nobody knows how to add this PR to the official OpenWRT repository, since it requires specifying kernel option CONFIG_TARGET_INITRAMFS_FORCE to build the initramfs.trx image.

Amazing to see all this work being done!
Has the Wi-Fi bug fix been merged into OpenWRT main branch?

I can see that you refactored your branch with your changes.

lets look at this commit from your repo.

Yes. Official snapshot build have to include all fixes related to WiFi. Only WED is unstable for me so take care when you enable it. Probably we have to old firmware for platform.

Didn't you figure out a way to load and boot the initramfs from a fit image, or did I misread that? Or is the problem that the OEM firmware insists that the initramfs must be included in the kernel?

In any case, I think it would be a great improvement to OpenWrt if we could find some way to make the initramfs image building more flexible so that we don't have to choose TARGET_INITRAMFS_FORCE or not.

Having a factory image which can be installed from the OEM web GUI is an extremely important feature. If the OpenWrt build system is the blocker, then the build system has to change...

(easy for me to say since I don't have to do any of the work)

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On October 28 everything was the same! Look here:

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These words are very affirming and important.
I still have 3 PR in the official repository in the Open status. They make minor changes though. And still they don’t want to add them.

And this routers (AX4200/AX6000/AX59U) requires very serious changes. And I don’t want to interact with the OpenWRT maintainers at all again. Let them add this functionality themselves, rather than have me post forced PR 10 times.

The stock bootloader does not pass the address to the kernel where the initrd image is located.
Therefore, the most reliable way: is to integrate initrd into the kernel itself.

Likewise, I don’t want maintainers to force me to place/change commas and spaces in the code.


Didn't go through everything but those don't really look like minor changes and it seems you're taking it a bit personal when being asked for changes although every other person would've been asked the same.

Your PRs definitely look sophisticated though.

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ok. So how looks the @bmork sugestion related to nand_do_upgrade funcion and parameters?

Not at all like that.
I fulfilled all the requirements of the maintainers. They had to decide on the fate of the PR. But they just disappeared.

I wouldn’t write anything about this here at all if all my PRs had been cancelled (closed). And now they are simply in an incomprehensible status.

Do the same and it will work: patch 2023-10-28


@remittor: we don't lead the openWRT project and this discussion here will not introduce anything to the project. I think separate topic should be created for open discussion and maybe PR process should be changed. But again, its wrong place and being offended not changing anything without discussion. If you like you always can try push anything to the chinese fork of the OpenWRT like ImmortalWrt; solution developed by nation which develop real viruses where one of them almost killed me :wink: Here you have free speech :wink:

Anybody had issues with 160MHz bandwidth on 5GHz on the latest snapshot? 5GHz Wifi AP stops working after selecting 160, and needs removing/reinstalling to start working again.

Also, another thing that doesn’t seem to work well is dual SSID (if you have a guest network). Main SSID works well, while second SSID (both on 2.4 and 5GHz) needs a manual restart to actually start working.

I dont have problems with it but I use only WPA2/WPA3 networks. My snapshot :
LuCI Master (git-23.266.27574-7744ad0) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r24114-b7f1459fef)

Kernel Version 5.15.134

That version didn't have a problem.
I'm currently on the latest snapshot and it has that wifi problem with 2nd access point:
Powered by [LuCI Master (git-23.292.78363-ee6a4da)]( / [OpenWrt SNAPSHOT (r24328-91169898ce)](
I'm thinking of reverting back. Nothing too serious, but it's more annoying.

Please make review of the last changes between versions or create bug. Maybe something could affect our router. I think we need to also add support for the router to the stable release. I'll create build next week for test purpose. If everything will be ok I'll create PR.


I'm new here. I would like to install OpenWRT in my router. Please explain in detail how to install it. Thank you very much.

Hi. Probably you haven't had possibility to read this topic. Below you could find link to the officially supported process :

and more information in the commit:

We need to create support page.

@Crect , @patrykk , @bmork

I moved a very controversial part of my PR into a separate package: facinstall.
Now you can revert to stock firmware very easily: just install this package.

Therefore, the problem of revert to stock firmware can be considered solved.