Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

When you uploaded sysupgrade thru Asus Rescue, was it sysupgrade trx or sysupgrade bin file?

It’s exactly as you said:
unzip /tmp/
Unzip package should be installed: opkg unzip

Do I have to install ubi-utils package?

what I did was switch from asus software to openwrt

the first part was under openwrt but in recovery or rescue mode

then I immediately flashed with sysupgrade.bin

fisrt files


second files


I used Asus panel (not Rescue) to upload initramfs trx. Maybe I was supposed to use the Rescue tool instead?

Is it possible that initramfs trx was wrongly flashed thru Asus panel? I can confirm that it works well, except it can not be replaced with any other firmware.
@patrykk @remittor

I also noticed that your images are snapshots.
This is a very bad practice when snapshots are posted for ordinary users. Few users will be every day updating the kernel, etc. (and snapshots require this).

For users, you need to build release images that have the same vermagic as the official OpenWRT images.

Yes and no because I developed support for main branch. After full merge to the main branch then we can think about already released OpenWRT's. I already started to prepare patch for last release.
btw. We all to know that our changes were not official and your's changes will not be mainlined soon.

have you used my builds or initramfs supplied by @remittor for ax4200 router?

My main task was to create a universal initramfs image.
This initramfs image may not be updated for years. With its help you can install at least version 24 of OpenWRT.
This initramfs image allows you to download ipk packages from the official repository, which will always be compatible.


so your rtx image should be ok for ax6000 and ax4200? Have you share common build already?

I don't know. Nobody has checked yet.

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I has used remittor trx and m'y own build directory After flash openwrt

so I can understood that you used some custom build based on the official repo ?

the initframs txr is a repo of remittor then i has flashed my own build sysupgrade bin via firmware open selector than builded before

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@patrykk I used initramfs trx supplied by you, and flashed it onto Asus stock, directly from the firmware update menu. It booted, but now I’m unable to update it with anything else.

For some reason every next updating finishes correctly, but the router always boot into initramfs. What could be wrong?

do you use ASUS Firmware Restoration version for restore stock firmware?

do you use sysupgrade.bin

I think that ax4200 image will not support ax6000 because not include dts for ax6000.

please paste log from console when you used sysupgrade.

yes but he take this image here

please choose ax6000 sysupgrade.bin after initframs

for asus ax6000 then stay patient 2 min and you are the true firmware @deeddy


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