Asus TUF Gaming AX6000 support

Not sure what was changed, but this latest snapshot seems somewhat more "snappy" than all the previous ones.
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r24661-a14240d384
Everything works noticeably faster, including WAN, LAN, and OpenWrt admin panel. Or it could be just me. :slight_smile:

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1.8/1.8 fiber connection
SQM cake (simplest_tbf.qos)
Software offloading enabled

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Best score i have with fq_codel + simplest

I'm seeing some conflicting info on the TUF-AX4200 vs the TUF-AX6000

It mentions both here. It seems to have been behind in the 160 Mhz test.

As a first time OpenWRT installer will I have much issue with install on either model? Is there not a way to upload the firmware directly from Asus web interface like you do with Merlin?

There is. It is the trx method you should look for in previous posts. It even might have been added to the wiki page. Installation of OpenWrt takes a few minutes only.

You don’t really need a serial port, unless you have bricked your router.

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So based from this: Asus TUF AX4200 support - #241 by remittor

This method is not on the TUF-AX4200 only TUF-AX6000 wiki page.

So the trx image is just like a .w image for merlin?

Change IP like this?


Once done step 2, change back IP to automatic?

SNAPSHOT (r24666-e2fa450560)


hi everybody

when activate veth

software offloading doesn't work en download , do you know why ?


Have you tested with software offloading (?) and could you test with WED ?
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With SFO you need to select the main device, in this case eth1 if you are using ax6000 and wan if you are using any model with fully implemented dsa.


simplest_tbf doesn't work with cake, only fq_codel

look my video...its working

software offloading is enabled... how to test WED?

please look at the wiki page of the tuf ax6000:

It's not... look at your logs, you'll see

"user.notice SQM: WARNING: Cake is not supported with this script; falling back to FQ-CoDel"

The moment you select simplest_tbf, you're running fq_codel.

We have interesting commit to the main branch :

Probably will be possible to fix last problem with LED for 2.5Gb LAN port.

UPDATE2: tested PR:

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So you can't run cake on this?

No, you can't run Cake with simplest_tbf.


I don't really know what simplest_tbf means but I take it that's a bad thing. I'll hold off buying for now.

@gameinn There is a clear confusion here (since the conversation is split accross multiple posts). Let me put it more clearly for you.

  • SQM cake (piece_of_cake) is running perfectly fine on this router.
    I'm using it on a 1Gbps WAN connection without any problems. When the connection is saturated, on a speed test for example, CPU load is between 30% and 60% (across all 4 cores). I bet it can handle even higher WAN speeds (up to 2.5Gbps) with SQM cake, since there's a lot of unused CPU room left.

For explanation:

  • SQM cake is a Queueing discipline (qdisc), and QoS scripts layer_cake and piece_of_cake can only work on cake qdisc.
  • While simplest_tbf (that @whitedd selected) can only run with fq_codel. So it was a matter of wrong choice, that @diogosena and @p.p wanted to point out (cake is a wrong qdisc for simplest_tbf.qos script).

Have a look at the screenshot for better undestanding:

SQM cake is a more modern solution for QoS comparing to fq_codel. The only reason to use fq_codel over cake is that it's makes less load on a CPU. So with a older or less powerful routers (fyi: this router has one of the most powerful CPU for an ARM router!), sometimes your only option is to use fq_codel.

There's no single reason why not to buy this router for SQM cake. It DOES work with SQM cake perfectly fine.

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