Asus TUF AX4200 support

It's not NAT in general, it's only when you enable "hardware flow offloading" in luci's firewall section. I'm not sure what's going on there actually but I believe it's related to hardware offloading being required for WED (wireless offloading) to work and the actual issue is in WED. Anyway, just turn hadware offloading off and roaming will work.

Like frollic wrote, kernel 6.1 is only in testing for filogic on current snapshots. You need to build your own image to enable that as the default for filogic is still 5.15.

I am using mine for about 1-2 weeks, all is good, I have it with 1gb fiber pppoe, no hardware nat, with sqm and crowdsec firewall bouncer, all works wonderfull.

As for the wireless, mine did not have slowness, or not that i was aware of, and i work from my laptop exclusively over wifi, my gf does the same, and we have a android tv that runs 4k content continuously, all goes well, at once

I am very happy about this router, i don't regret not get the bpi r3 anymore :smiley:

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It turned out that the problem is with my PC system, I have Linux Mint, the latest LMDE 6.
After quickly installing Windows 11, the problem has not occurred yet. Sorry for causing confusion.
Both with and without Wi-Fi roaming, everything works on the ax 4200.
I must admit that I have never experienced anything like this.

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Can someone with this router TUF-AX4200 on OpenWRT confirm what is the maximum internet speed you managed to get?

Asking because I have a problem with AX6000 not able to get more than 30Mbps wan on Ethernet cabls, and 400Mbps on Wifi (on 1Gbps wan).

The hardware is almost the same, thus the question. Most likely Iā€™m experiencing a poor NAT performance (with very low cpu load + irq balance).

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i has 1000 and 1000 and obtain 1000 and 10000

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A short follow up: my problems with AX6000 stopped after the latest snapshot, so it works as stable as AX4200. As far as I can tell, the router is stable so far.

I'm using two TUF AX4200 in WDS mode on the 5 GHz radio (client, AP) both running openwrt 23.05. The AP additionally runs a 2.4 GHz network for my phone/laptop/other devices.

They both have been running very stable; uptime ~25 days.



thanks remittor for installing via GUI.
Is this a safe solution? Because Openwrt has not updated its page concerning the installation, we only see the procedure via TFTP.


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yes i use ax4200 i'm live in france and he work perfeclty with a script gaming than use


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