Asus TUF AX4200 support

Next to my desk there are 6 different routers and all have OpenWRT installed (I built the images myself).
And nowhere was I able to destroy the factory partitions.


Your a legend. Thank you for this.


If now want to have more disk space after using Yours older trx and have fully working openwrt should I go back to asus firmware and once more flash Yours newer openwrt trx or any faster way?

  1. install openwrt-23_tuf-ax4200-initramfs.bin via LuCI
  2. install any sysupgrade image

Is the solution posted by @remittor safe for end users?

@daniel @patrykk @bmork
Is there any way to work this out and make it official? I know there has been some disagreement about the way the solution is presented, specifically not going through github. But since @remittor found a solution when noone else did, maybe you guys could come together and find a way.

@frollic the device page is still empty, just a friendly reminder.

Many similar solutions have existed in the official repository for a long time.
OpenWRT flashing via the stock WEB interface is implemented for many devices.

It’s just that in this case no one wanted to make everything convenient for the end user.


Actually, there are more hardcore installation methods, when stock firmware checks the digital signature of the images:

Install OpenWrt on my Mi R3G - #4 by remittor


I know it must be frustrating to find solutions and hitting some bureaucratic hurdles. Remember though that, afaik, everyone working on OpenWRT is doing so voluntarily. There might be resource constraints and the guidelines posed are there to best manage the resources that are available and ensure a smooth process.

I know the urge to become cynical but I'm sure noone is actually purposely not making things convenient for the end user.

From my point of view this is a community effort, as such it will only work out if people can try and work together. Disregarding who is wrong or right in this case I hope you will give it another shot. Maybe looking at the dev guidelines (specifically this part) again will help.

With all that said thanks a lot for McGyvering the shit out of this Router and making it easier to install. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks @remittor that is very cool work

Are there description of any WiFi specific options for this router/target? E.g. Airtime Fairness, beamforming, OFDMA?
And what's about turning off ALL LEDs? I've put all options in LED to Always OFF (Kernel:none) but to no avail - some LEDs turned off, nevertheless LAN ports obviously are blinking.

Is this in 23.05 mainstream branch or just in your builds?

The version of image initramfs and the version of sysupgrade image are in no way connected with each other (that is, they can be completely different).

Flashed my ax4200 with @remittor 's flow today. I sysupgraded to the official openwrt 23.05 release without problems. Here are some test results: I put the ax4200 into access point mode and measured the wifi bandwith (5 GHz) between it and an ax200 intel module about 2m apart. The bandwidth is roughly 800 Mbit/s.


I know. My question was if your mod to get more space had been committed to 23.05. I later found out that it hasn't.

I copied your into my source tree that I use for my builds and I rebuilt my images. I have then force flashed my initramfs so created, but I bricked the router. It went into a crahs/reboot loop. So I had to open it up again to reload the image from the serial port. This time I flashed YOUR initramfs and it worked, the overlay ubi0_7 partition increased to 118 MB (excellent!).

I reverted the change to in my source tree, I rebuilt my images again and I upgraded using sysupgrade. All good now.

Is there a plan to raise a PR to merge your mod into main and 23.05 (clearly after due tests)?

I have no such plans.

Do you have any suggestions as to why force flashing my initramfs could have caused a crash/reboot loop? Is the only file required?

As an alternative, I see above that you posted some commands to extend the partition manually, but I did not trust running them for fear of bricking the router. I preferred to build my own initramfs and I bricked the router anyway.

Please, could you kindly post step by step instructions (perhaps in this router's openwrt page), to extend the overlay partition once we have a stock OpenWRT image running?

You need to build the initramfs image according to the old scheme: Link
The official repository has disabled this feature for filogic targets.
Therefore, I don’t know how you will solve this problem with maintainers.

Changes in this file are needed only to reduce the size of the jffs2 volume and the possibility of returning to stock firmware.

Your thoughts are strange. If you have a uart, you can restore everything using bootloader commands.

Well, here you exaggerated. You always have a way to restore work through the bootloader.

In this topic I have given full instructions with all the links. Read everything carefully.


Since TUF-AX4200 is already in 23.05, can it be considered stable enough for everyday usage?

I've been using it as my main router since June and had 2 crashes during that time frame. 1rst was a hard crash a couple weeks after installation and the 2nd time was last month when dhcp server decided to stop working. Do keep in mind that I only use snapshots so it could be that something was half baked in that specific version.
Another thing of note is that hardware NAT brakes wifi roaming for some weird reason.related to how fw4 tracks connections.
All in all, it works pretty well and I expect most quirks will be taken care of when filogic platform makes the jump to kernel 6.1.


Do you know how to troubleshoot NAT blocking Wi-Fi roaming?
When is the filogic platform moving to kernel 6.1?
I have this problem and after a short time the WI-FI speed drops dramatically.

when openwrt adopts kernel 6, based on a yearly release cycle, probably sometime next year.
snapshots might already be using 6, I haven't checked.

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