ASUS RT-AX53U wireless LEDs do not light up

Hello, I have 2 such devices, one with asuswrt and one with openwrt and I would like to ask if I could somehow help enabling the 2.4ghz and 5ghz LEDs on this target.
If asuswrt can light up those leds, I guess there has to be a way.
Since this is my first openwrt device, specific instructions/procedures or ideas would make the whole process a lot faster.

Thank you for your hard work,
may the source be with you.

It's not a matter of disabled wifi, that's the default in openwrt?

Unfortunately, no one has yet managed to activate the WiFi diodes on this device.

Is this controlled by /sys/bus/platform/drivers/mt7621_gpio on asus wrt ?

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Provide the output of ls /sys/class/leds/

Here is the output:

root@OpenWrt:~# ls /sys/class/leds/

Please note that the power led is turned off after boot and stays off.

According to asus gpl code located at asuswrt/release/src-ra-openwrt-4210/Uboot-mips/include/configs/mt7621_nand.h:

#if defined(CONFIG_RTAX53U) || defined(CONFIG_RTAX54) 
#define WPS_BTN                 15
#define RST_BTN                 16
#define PWR_LED                 13
#define WIFI_2G_LED             18
#define WIFI_5G_LED             26

2g led is controlled by gpio 18
5g led is controlled by gpio 26

something like this has to be added to the dts:

		led_wifi2g: wifi2g_blue {
			label = "blue:wifi2g";
			gpios = <&gpio 18 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;

		led_wifi5g: wifi5g_blue {
			label = "blue:wifi5g";
			gpios = <&gpio 26 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;

If someone creates a snapshot (or an exerimental) image with the above gpios, I could give it a try.

It won't work (yet), I wrote here: Quirks/Oddities you will encounter with Asus RT-AX53U - #3 by znevna

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