Archer D7 version compatibility

I found a cheap Archer D7 online, but it's a 1.1 version; i want to use it only as an AP, so i'm not interested on modem features.
The wiki says that the v1 is supported. So no chance for the 1.1?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

v1.1 = v1, in this case.

Technical specs -

OpenWrt hardware data -

Only supported on 21.02.0

Ok fine!
Would you recommend it as an AP or would it be better to look elsewhere?

@anon89577378 I noticed you're using Archer, would you please help with the leg-work and say all the information that is needed to get the same as you have running 21.02.0, please.

I'm not sure what you're asking...

I am using a C7 V2...the thread topic is regarding a D7 V1.

I'm currently running 21.02.2 as of three days ago.

thanks, that's what I'm looking for. any issues with installing and running it?

I haven't had any issues so far on the C7 with 21.02.2.

Some folks are, though.