Archer C7 v4 support

does this version support VLANs?

I don't see why not, since even basic router models support VLANs once flashed with openwrt/LEDE.

So i have Nov 27 snapshot on my local workspace where i have custom changes.
This does have C7-V4 support as seen in 'make menuconfig' as well as I see the commit to support the device in git log.
My question is, can I use this snapshot version or has there been any fixes recently to mandate getting latest snapshot? Anyone?

Thanks, I'm guessing this is what I was running into. At the moment a newer snapshot of LEDE has taken care of the issues I was having, but I'll keep this in mind if I try to revert to stock again.

I'm trying to make USB work too.. did you manage to solve the issue? it's like ports doesn't exists for LEDE.. I've installed the mods and there is not a single instance of the "usb" string in dmesg after reboots... I'm using --force-depends as it complains about the kernel deps.. maybe that's the issue?

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r5977-a9c65c2

EDIT: Made it work.. problem was that kernel modules MUST match the kernel version.. --force-depends could't fix that.. So, I downloaded the latest snapshot, flashed it and installed all the modules and drivers needed. Everything is working just fine now.

Hope it helps.

Hello, I just flashed the current OpenWRT snapshot to my Archer C7 v4, and it works fine! However, I cannot seem to get 5GHz WiFi to work: It keeps turning off again after I click Enable in LuCI. Logread only tells me that the driver was unable to initialize the device, even though I am sure my regulatory domain is set up correctly. Is this the right thread for troubleshooting? If so, where should I look for more detailed error logs? Thanks!

Probably a firmware issue

Thanks! I think so, too. Any pointers on how I could debug that?

Firmware is located in /lib/firmware/...

You can replace the firmware as needed. Requires a reboot. Grab firmware from

I've tested version 37. Works poorly. You should have 33, which works poorly for you. Try version 29. I have an Archer C7v2 that has 49 days uptime with it not crashing.

Yep, 29 works! Nice, thank you! Let's see if it remains stable. Is there
anyone from the OpenWRT devs whom I should let know?

I just flashed OpenWRT on my Archer C7 v4 and it does not connect to the internet. I can SSH into it and the LAN is working as I can access local devices, but not internet.

I did not change any other settings yet, I simply flashed OpenWRT to the router and I am now here.

Have you configured the WAN interface?

No I didn't make any additional changes. I went through the documentation but didn't see the settings to change for WAN.

I also forgot to mention I am not able to use opkg either. It just fails to connect.


See the OpenWrt/LEDE User Guide on how to configure functionality...

The default network options are already set in /etc/config/network and from what I see, it should have basic routing functionality out of the box.

The documentation seems to suggest leaving the factory default configuration to use the device as a router.

Am I missing something else that I am suppose to configure manually?

Take some time and read through the whole will save you grief later.

You need to configure the WAN protocol (PPPoE, DHCP, etc.), the DNS servers, any advanced settings you might need. If you are using IPv6, the WAN interface needs to be configured for that.

If you have no WAN connection, opkg will not work either.

OpenWrt/LEDE requires's not plug-and-play.

I spent several hours combing through the guides there and everything seems to suggest basic functionality works after flashing it. The newcomer's guide says minimal setup is required after flashing it and several third party websites that offer tutorials for setting up openWRT say it works after flashing but you have to manually set up wifi, luci, other plugins. I am fine with setting up the extras separately but I can't get it to connect to the internet at all no matter what settings I try.

Checking the WAN and DHCP files they are already configured for WAN usage. Every other guide I see is able to use opkg right out of the gate. Mine does not connect.

I think it may just be an issue with the current snapshot or something with my router itself.

If there are steps I am missing somewhere that says I need to manually configure WAN before it will connect to the internet, please point me in the right direction as I am stumped and no documentation I can find suggests otherwise.

SSH in to the router and run the following...

dmesg | grep 'warn|err'

cat /etc/config/network

cat /etc/config/wireless

Note: Make sure to obscure the "option key" value(s) in the wireless config results before posting.

Ok I will get the files posted when I can. I have since reverted to stock so I can have it function for the time being, but I will try it again tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the help so far

Just to confirm, you are getting the firmware from here...[Versions*~]=v4&dataflt[Model*~]=archer+c7+ac1750

...and using the squashfs-factory.bin firmware file when going from stock to OpenWrt/LEDE.