Archer C6U or Archer A6 or A7, Worth it?

I am going to return my Archer A9 AC1900 as OpenWrt doesn't support 2,4Ghz radio yet. I am trying to explore some options on TP-Link which has support for OpenWrt. As TP-Link is like the only router brand here that is not too expensive in the market.

Is Archer C6U a good choice? or do you have any recommendations for better performance in TP-Link with OpenWrt. Or should I stick with Archer A9 and wait for support for 2,4 ghz wifi.

I use my router for gaming purposes and we have 2 pcs, around 3-4 phones, and 4 smart home devices. I've opted for 250 Mbps download and upload speeds from my ISP right now.

Will be using OpenWrt especially for SQM.

Or do I just get a Archer A6 or Archer A7?

Archer C2600, probably as fast and you can go with an AC device supporting openwrt.

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Unfortunately, it's not available in Indian Amazon. Is Archer C7 a good one? I've seen it being recommended by many. Should i get that?

Yeah, the C2600 would probably have to be bough used, if they ever were sold in IN.

I doubt the A7 will be able to deliver 250 mbit with SQM, based on Archer A7 - Slower speeds than stock

In that case the C6U's better, assuming it uses the same hw as the v1 in the device wiki.

C6U has 880 Mhz CPU core while C7 has 750 Mhz CPU core. So I assume SQM will give better results on C6U?

However C6U has MediaTek MT7603E, MediaTek MT7613BE WLAN hardware, would that be a problem in performance?

Lastly, I have no clue why A7 / C7 is prized higher than a C6U when the performance is higher for C6U lol. Any particular reasons to justify these prizes from TP-Link?

you shouldn't judge the performance of a CPU based on clock cycles only, there's no real relation between speed and processing power.

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Ah I see, I am pretty new to this. So should I get a C6U or a C7?

mt7613 isn't exactly a great option though (dfs issues).

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Is Linksys E5600 AC 1200 a good option?

You might take a look these resources -

Dont buy newer revisions of C6/A6 that have the mediatek chips. I have had enough issues with it already.

C7 is decent but it can only do 100-120mbps with SQM

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Saw your other thread on the A6 V3, and wondered how you knew it was a bug (and filed a bug report 3 hours after posting) with no configs posted for troubleshooting.

The github issue has configs for troubleshooting? and no one has yet asked for config I left out.

The logs clearly indicate there are issues somewhere and there are plenty of threads here from people with similar problems with mt7603e(and the other 5ghz chip)

Yeah I saw about the A6. Do you think Netgear R6850 a good option? Better than the C7? And what about Linksys E5600?

I know these routers don't give the best results but I can't really expect more from this budget

Your configuration files.

Just because no one responded in the 3 hours from the time you posted to the time you filed the bug report, didn't mean "no one ever" would ask for configs.

Logs are just one aspect of troubleshooting.

You need to pick one thread and post your questions there.

You currently have two threads going asking the same stuff.

Do some reading on your own before you ask what a "good option" is.

Resources have already been posted.

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Okay, My bad.
I'll update the thread with the wireless config I posted in the bug report. I can't think of other configs one would need to troubleshoot it but I'll share whichever file someone asks for.

I dont have much experience with linksys or netgear so cant comment

Just did my homework and found that ARM SoCs are better for SQM than MIPS. I am thinking of buying E8450, which is close to 100$ and off my budget, but I guess for a better performance, I have to spend more.

Is this a good option?

dont do this ..if you are gonna spend that much, buy a nanopi r2s and a good cheap ac router, its the best option if you are spending 100$ in india. according to my opinion. you could go for an D-Link DIR-825 (2199 rs )and a nanopi R2s (6800 rs including metal case and dc adaptor) under 100$ in india.