Archer A7 - Slower speeds than stock

I've just installed the latest version of OpenWrt on my Archer A7. The wifi and ethernet are both slower than stock. Wifi is much slower, 2.4ghz only getting 30-50mbps, 5ghz getting up to 110~. Ethernet is getting about 200-210mbps. Stock firmware gets 300mbps+ on ethernet, I only tested on the wifi which caps at 160mbps(xfinity throttling or something.) but I was able to hit that 160 on 2.4ghz and 5ghz.
I installed the latest firmware, installed the update, upgraded all packages in luci. Anything else I'm missing? I will say, the range and speed at the end of the range is a lot better with OpenWrt.

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The A7 v5 is a rebadged C7 v5 which has a weak single core Atheros MIPS SoC.

Performance of opens source firmwares are unlikely to match stock firmware for maximum throughput. This is mostly due to limitations of open source drivers provided for 'free' by the chip manufacturers.

Use Openwrt because you want access to features which are not available with stock firmwares.

If you want to improve wifi performance, install a wireless access point running OEM firmware, wired to your OpenWrt router.

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I wasn't expecting better performance, I was just hoping for similar. I don't even get correct speeds using ethernet.

fwiw, you could try enabling flow offloading to improve WAN to LAN ethernet speeds. Otherwise, you need a more powerful router (eg. ARM powered) for 300+ mbps throughput when running OpenWrt.

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