Archer C60 v2 Need to return to stock, Can help me plz

This Archer C60 have openwrt
I need to return back to stock firmware this AC1350 - Archer C60 v2
I try many things but I cant,
Can help me please ?
Many thanks


Well, if you say what you tried and what you got, you make it easier for people to help you.


The OEM is always the best place to look


Hi guys,
At first, many thanks for yours help. I try to found the stripped file for this model but I cant. I flashed one file that find in the tplink download center (not have boot in description) but nothing happend. I dont try anymore becuse not like to brick the router.
This file I flash it:
ArcherC60v2_un-up-ver2-0-0-P1[20161206-rel60287].bin (renamed to tp_recovery.bin )

Sorry because I dont have many experiencies in this.
Thanks again

In the C60 is openwrt installed. How I make to install the OEM firmware ? This is my question. Regards.

Did you read ?

Of courseI read it, but this method is if I can access to the router at but in my situation the webpage is only access at the openwrt on Or I'm wrong ? I need stripped firmware to flash from openwrt or need flash via tftp.

OK, I understand now. Your device is not in a bricked state. Apologies.

Have you tried this?

  • Did you simply try flashing the OEM file?
  • Did you use the command line or LuCI web GUI?

I agree with @Hegabo - please tell us what you've tried already.

Yes, I flash through tftp this file but nothing happend.
Not exist stripped file for C60 ?

Power cycle the router with the power button, wait a moment and you will get this page.

You seem to be using a mix of instructions from various sources. Just use the OEM Faq link above.

If you still need help call tplink tech support


I wrote that the tutorial of OEM Fac instruction not serve to me because the router is with openwrt firmware inside.

That shouldn't matter, I think. The link that both @mbo2o and @lleachii shared is for recovering a bricked router. So I think as long as the router serves the Web page for recovery, it shouldn't matter what firmware is installed, because you are not booting it.


Hey did you solved this? I'm trying to revert to original firmware too. My router is not bricked, when I use Luci to flash the factory firmware I get this messenge: "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform."

Hi, No bro I cant flashed because my only connection is through tftp but not find this firmware. I you found the solution please help me. Many thanks

I am a real newbie with this, I dont know the place to write those commands. Could you guide me please?

What is your problem?!bricked your router?!

I have the router tplink archer c60. I decided to install openwrt. It was easy through tplink GUI.

Now I want to have the stock tplink firmware, but openwrt GUI doesn't allow to install any firmware, I get "The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform."

I am able to communicate with the router through network cable and I have internet access from its wireless network.

Thank you David for your support

Have you tried uploading Stock firmware via TFTP?!! if you did that before and wasn't successful, then you need Stripped Firmware to return to original firmware

David, I am sorry for take too long time to respond to your message. I was very busy, yesterday night I was able to install the firmware through tftp, it was a little hard but finally I was installed successfully. Thank you very much.

Sounds great
Good luck