Archer C6 V2 (US) rollback to stock firmware

I have installed OpenWrt 21.0.3 in my Archer C6 V2 (US) using the OEM web UI.
It's working. But I am not satisfied with the 5GHz performance, Beamforming also not working.
I want to go back to Stock firmware.

How to do this? Other methods I found in this forum is probably for bricked routers. Is the process same? Please help.

TFTP recovery is the recommended way to return to stock.

In step 4 under "Flash using TFTP recovery," you would use a stock image downloaded and unzipped from TP-Link instead.

The process does not matter if the router is bricked or not. TFTP recovery occurs before any installed OS attempts to boot at all.

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Okay, thanks. I will try it.
I have few questions.
A 10/100 switch is mandatory?
Do I need to flash old TP-Link firmware? In some topics in the forum I saw they are telling to use old firmware.

It's recommended, but not required.

You can set the Speed/Duplex setting on your computer's NIC to 100/Full Duplex.

Try with the current version...if it doesn't work, use the oldest version you can find.

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Okay. Thanks. I will try it whenever I get free time. Right now, I am okay with it. Working fine.
But do you know how to enable MU-MIMO? or Beamforming in OpenWrt?

What a sysupgrade do? I have done only factory update. Should I do a sysupgrade for better performance?

Please open new topics for any questions not related to going back to stock. Thanks!

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