Archer c6 v2 recovery bin

@123serge123 Hi men i need ur help plz to go back to oem tplink firmware i got now openwrt i cant roll it back to oem onewhen i use tptpd to downgrade it goes back to openwrt plz can u help me i dont know how to do it PLZZ !!

Did you read this topic Archer C6 V2 (EU) bricked/bootloop?

@123serge123 i did dude but am a beginner and i didn't understood anything plzz can u help me ???

It's difficult to help if you understand nothing.
The topic describes the method of original vendor firmware restoration directly from openwrt command line or possibly web-interface (without tftp) with specially prepared file image.
I can prepare the image and general instruction for this procedure. Then you can try it at your risk. Ok?
BTW Which version? EU, US, RU?

@123serge123 yes plz i can try it on my own risk i got the EU version i got tp link archer c6 v2 EU
thank u for ur response !!

Donwload and unpack this archve:

c6v2eu.bin - specially prepared file image (based on vendor firmware
for restoring vendor firmware from openwrt command line.

Short instruction (you can use putty package for windows instead of ssh and scp):

  1. Copy c6v2eu.bin from your computer to openwrt router in /tmp directory:
    scp c6v2eu.bin root@

  2. Connect to openwrt with ssh root@ and in command line run:
    mtd -r write /tmp/c6v2eu.bin firmware

  3. After flashing router reboot and start vendor firmware.

You can try to upgrade from openwrt web-interface. If unsupported image
warning you need select force upgrade.

Any questions before you start? :slight_smile:

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omg wow men u saved my life thank u so much!!!! i did it and now am on oem firmware but i cant check for updates and i cant udate my tp firmware is this normal ?

I don't know. It's possible that openwrt overwrite some info which is needed for checks and updates.

hmm so after restoring to this firmware which u gave me can i use the ftpd to restore to the newest oem tp link ?

To complete you need update firmware from vendor web-interface. Vendor firmware contain not only firmware itself but some config data.
It's possible that new vendor firmware (1.3.6 Build 20200902 rel.65591) isn't fully compatible with old config of your original vendor firmware (do you remember version?) which was installed before you flash openwrt.

i had the latest version befor i download openwrt :sleepy:

Words "the latest version" say nothing. You need force update to any version from web-interface to be sure that firmware itself and configs are the same version.

this what i get when i try to get update through the web i had this tp firmware version ArcherC6v2_eu-up-ver1-3-6-P1[20200902-rel65591] before i download the open wrt and now am trying to update my router to it and i cant it says invalid file type

Ok. I think that openwrt image overwrite soft_ver:

  • original 1.3.6 Build 20200902 rel.65591 firmware is
    soft_ver:1.3.6 Build 20200902 rel.65591
  • openwrt snapshot firmware is
    and now vendor firmware refuse to flash "old" firmware.
    You can check that openwrt firmware will be flash without problem.
    It may be possible correct this value from openwrt and return back to vendor firmware.

omg dude haha i swear to god i don't understand anything what u say its so complicated so what should i do exactly cuz am totally confused :rofl: so now i got ver 1.9.1 what should i do or correct now ? i know am bothering u but plz i need ur help

In your 1st screenshot you can see value of soft_ver in "Firmware version" and "Latest version" form fields.
Can you try to downgrade to very old firmware Archer C6(EU)_V2_180627 from this site?

no unfortunately i cant sameproblem invalid file type says

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