Archer C20V1 flashed with wrong firmware

Hello! I just made a shitty decision: flashed my Archer C20V1 with firmware for Archer C50.

When i power on only the usb led flashes and turn off. No TFTP responses too.

Should i follow this topic: Need help unbricking archer c20i


yes, you have to go through the unbricking operation since tftp is the"last resort" software fix. if you have questions flashing check out my question on it.

Make sure to backup the content before flashing it.

Which of these?

Just found!

Have you managed to find a solution? I flashed the wrong image and got a non funciotional device. USB led turns on for about two seconds and then turns off. Serial port is non functional. Not sure if soldering/unsoldering is needed. I got a SOIC8 clip and wrote a c20v1 flash dump (EU version) I got somewhere here on this forum. However, nothing changed.