Need help unbricking archer c20i

I have bricked my archer c20i by trying to flash an image without uboot.
I've tried to follow instruction at but since i dont have a RPi (and i don't really want to buy one just to unbrick my router) i don't have any idea what to do.
I went as far as desoldering U18 chip.

Here are my questions:

  1. Where do i need to solder wires for spi?
  2. can i use something else instead of RPi? i have ft232rl programmer i use with arduinos, as well as arduino mega, nano and pro mini. It seems that i should be able to achieve something with my stuff but i don't know how.

Thanks in advance

You need to remove the flash chip (U18) from router PCB and connect it to some flash programmer or Raspberry Pi/any other device which can do SPI NOR flashing.

Arduino should do the job: But make sure you have a proper voltage level on pins - have a look at that red note on top of the website. SPI NOR chip you have in router uses ~3.3V level logic!

Thanks for help!
I successfully restored my router using Arduino pro mini 3v3.

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