Archer c20 v.1

Somebody already tried to install successfully LEDE from archer c20i on it ?
This write that successfully installed openwrt from c20i and c50
May be developers can compile firmware for c20 ? =)
Thanks =)

I don't know if you've come across OpenWrt's Experimental build page:

There is a custom build from dropbox linked there.

Warning: Looks very experimental and bricking experience...

Patchwork seems to be there:

i am using stable (not experimental or beta) openwrt 15.05.1 from c20i, it work great, but i am asking about LEDE =)
I am found Archer C20V1 flashed with wrong firmware where bricked c20 FW from c50, but openwrt from c50 work on c20. So i asking about c20i =)

I've tried to port the patchwork in LEDE, you can try it if you want:

Thanks a lot, but i will wait somebody else who can try, i not have spi programmer or uart adapter =)

@DjiPi Oops. Wrong thread, sorry.

Buy this programmer 2.50 eiro

and this for easy use 4,33 eiro ..

or 3.19 eiro ...

this programmer very low speed . but for router is ok and cheap ... i using this programmer , no problem !

User Linaro did a Pull request for his adaptation. There is no direct flash support using the stock interface, but TFTP works. There won't be another way to install LEDE due to a bug within the stock firmware upgrade. As soon as the PR is integrated into the master branch, you will be able to use an automated build when available.