Archer A5 V5 Installation Help!

Hello Open WRT Community, I need your help

I Recently Got a TP Link Archer, A5 V5 From Amazon US With these Specs

Firmware Version: 0.9.1 0.1 v0094.0 Build 181019 Rel.58740n(5553)

Hardware Version: Archer A5 v5 00000001

After Looking Some Forums, I found nothing about this device, However i am aware that the Archer A5 V5 and The Archer C50 V5 Are Identical (both have the MediaTek MT7628A) , And also have found that there is a fork for The Archer C50 V4 That works on the V5 Aswell, so that means then that i may be able to install the open wrt firmware on the A5 V5 One, i also found that i have to compile my own fork and not use the c50 V4 one or the C50 v5 one, so i am a little bit confused at following steps, i also know if i install open wrt i will not be able to revert to stock, i kindly request you a hand to be clear and be able to install open Wrt on it.

Thank you in advance, Heinser

Archer A5v5 and C50v5 use exactly the same TPlink firmwares when I downloaded from TPlink USA website, and compared them at binary level. In fact, the firmware for the A5v5 is called 'C50v5*.bin'.

In any case, I uploaded TFTP openwrt 19.07.3 install image file called tp_recovery.bin for the A5v5 (and C50v5) to my dropbox folder for the C50v4 for testing.

Use at your own risk. I do not own a C50v5/A5v5 so cannot test

Windows users may be able to use these instructions to create an revert.bin image to use in openwrt (luci) to revert back to TPlink firmware. I know this worked for C50v4.

The Debricking instructions in the C50 wiki, perhaps could be used on C50v5/A5v5, to install 'truncated' TPlink OEM firmware when renamed tp_recovery.bin ?

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Thank you for your help, I have good News, The Prebuilt image worked on my Archer A5 V5 And Now Has Open Wrt With luci.

Thank you so Much, This is Now Solved!

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Proof for this statement: Excerpt from fcc documents


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