(over)bricked Archer AC1200 A5

Hello there !

I bought an Archer AC1200 A5 (not a C5 nor C50, I don't know the differences) yesterday.
As it mentions "hype facebook access" something, I said "I will try to install openwrt first".

The website of OpenWRT confuses me with snapshot install, first install, links, and found the first interresting page here :

I select and upload openwrt-19.07.7-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_c50-v4-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin (visible here https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/tp-link/tp-link_archer_a5_v5 ) from the web interface of the TP link. Yeah ! Blinking app ! (aka boot-loop ! \o/ )

So, I open my toolcase, take a screwdriver, open the box : no serial pin, just drilled holes.
So, I open my second toolcase, and solder the pin. (Here my first start being angry. I said no problem, I will repair it... Best will come later...)
In my third toolbox, I took a serial adapter for flashing from serial.

I (tried to) follow the instruction:

Installation method(s):

see devicepage
"Jan 2020: See device page and use instructions for Archer C50 v4 to create install image for C50 v5 (US version)."

But at the end, I was distriburbed by a third and mixed the TFTP and Serial instructions... I remove the first 512 Byte, erase and flash tp_recovery.bin

After that mistakes, no surprises, it does not boot at all :smiley:

I read here, he uses a Rpi to reset the flash (and desolderd/resolderd it).

I never did it yet. I went online and buy JTAG programmer (I'm missing it in my tools boxes !). What would you suggest me ? Try to find JTAG port and ISP ? desolderd the flash and flashs it with a Rpi ?

hello, to install openwrt on the a5, you don't need to open the device and connect to a serial writter to install the firmware, some time ago it was discovered that you are able to instal via tftp, using ethernet port, and following some steps, you did the wrong way and bricked your device, hopefully you can start trying the tftp via ethernet recovery method, on the wiki page of the device there are instructions, let me know if you need any hints to recover your device.