Ar71xx vs ath79

Hi all,

I regularly see ath79 and ar71xx mentioned here. What are they?

My understanding is they are "targets" for the atheros mips family of soc. If so I'm confused about a couple of things:

  1. why are there two targets for the same family? Does one have a different wireless subsystem implementation or something similar?
  2. Is the ar8327 part of this family? If so what is the range? Ar71xx would suggest 8xxx socs are not in it?

Finally one last braindump, ipq80xx soc are also qualcomm. Are they a completely different family because they use arm?


See: More information about "modernizing the Atheros AR71xx target"

and: Ath79 target status

My understanding is the AR8327 is a network switch, not an SoC. Are you sure you quoted the correct chip number?

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Sorry, you're absolutely correct, it is a switch. I meant ar9344. Is that part of ar71xx or ath79? And if so what is the range? And does it have anything to do with ipq80xx? as it is also a qualcomm soc.

Ok, so ath79 and ar71xx cover the same family of socs. The only difference is ath79 uses dts. Thanks

It may be easier if you told us the make/model of your device possessing this chip.

If it's supported, that information is already in the Table of Hardware.