Ap wds? client wds? bridge? how to?

hi, im totally new here in openwrt but i need to create this

(the black color is how actually have my network and the red color is what i wan to do with the openwrt)

i cannot configure the openwrt router to have the ip and that other devices conect to the openwrt router using the ip of the dhcp of the main router ( and the same ssid of the wlan of the main router

can anybody helpme?

Don't know why you need WDS if the device is wired

Also 200.x.x.x is not a valid private network

That IP range is for Digiware.net, so it's possible it's actually getting public IPs for protection services? Although, I don't know why they'd do it like that, or allow the "network plot" shown above, IPv4 address space is in such high demand.

But then, the "Internet" upstream bubble wouldn't be valid if public IP's are being used

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I assumed that is the ISP router

It very well could be, but you can't put Public IP's behind Private, they aren't routable that way.

If it is your ISP's router LAN is set to a static IP (, you'll need to address your LAN range to either match it (make all the devices a 192.168.0.x/ range) or to use other Private IP ranges (,, behind the ISP's router.

Are you paying for additional public IPs from the ISP?

I'm not the OP :wink:

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its because I want to always keep the ips of the dhcp that the main router sends to have connection of all the shared folders, printer and other shared devices, no matter in what wifi signal of the router is connected

...Hmm, I don't know, the truth is, I just set that ip address because I liked the number and I've been using it for 6 years like that... I didn't know it could be wrong or cause any problem, I just don't want it to be the same ip of all or 1.1 or 2.1 because I don't like it and I wanted that my ip address for my private network was different from others

yes that´s the ip of my isp modem arris

ok ... then
should I change the ip address of my internal or (private) network for another ip?
Which one could you recommend me that not be the basic or 1.1 or 2.1 etc?

and 2nd
how can configure the router oenwrt so that it maintains the same ip address (that I will change from for some other as well) and that it has the connections with all the routers and devices and shared folders using the same ssid?

Your ISP is using
So pick the next group for example


A /24 subnet out of (as in -; using just a /24 like 10.0.0.[1-254] would be just fine) or (as in a /24 out of -; like 172.16.0.[1-254]) would be another option, but 200.x.x.x is not. Neither does WDS make any sense for a wired AP (and if I understand you correctly, it's just that, a https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap).


READY! following all the comments that my ips were wrong, I have changed them... and in fact I changed them for the most basic ips known by the mankind XD 192.168.1 / 24, then it looks like this

the modem of my isp gives the static ip to my "main router" and the main router by dhcp in turn gives the 192.168.1/24 to the entire network, the only static ips are to the AP's and (hopefully

Now it only remains to connect the openwrt AP as and that it in turn use the same ssid of the "main router" to have an automatic "roaming" and that of course... keeping the ips by DHCP of the main router to share all folders and devices with everyone

The setup of both your access points with a wired backhaul is called a dumb AP. Which you could even do with stock firmware by setting a static IP and turning the DHCP server off. The IP that an AP holds is just to log in and administer it. The user traffic bridges through the dumb AP at layer 2 (MAC address based) and is as you want controlled by the main router.

Roaming when the APs don't have any roaming enhancements is strictly a client decision, which does work though not optimally. OpenWrt doesn't have a lot of features to optimize roaming, this is generally a proprietary feature.

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Yes, of course I can do it with the stock firmware, what happens is that it does not allow me to use resources such as devices or shared folders when someone connects via Wi-Fi.

So that happened with the stock firmware.

but with ddwrt I could do it and the AP could connect it wired or wireless and it kept the ips and it was possible to share the folders and devices, that is, they were within the same "family of ip or local network" and what happens is that I:

I am in house 1 with cell phone 1 with ip, connected to the ssid "roynet" of router 1 with ip, and I can see a video of the pc with ip, that is also connected to the ssid "roynet" of the router 1, and when

I go to house 2 with cell phone 1 and when the Wi-Fi signal drops in quality the cell phone connects to the new higher quality ssid "roynet" automatically and continues to maintain the ip, now throuthg router 2 with the 200.81. 59.2 ip and I keep whatching the video from pc with ip that is still connected to the ssid "roynet" of router 1

image taken from https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap).

this is what i want

please help to archive this :slight_smile:

Other than the link out to the Internet, you want one network All of the users will be issued an IP in that range by the DHCP server in the main router.

Connect a dumb AP LAN port to a main router LAN port. Do not use the WAN port on the dumb AP. Using OpenWrt it is possible to re-purpose the WAN port to be an additional LAN port, but that is a topic for later.

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aaa ok... i was conecting it to the wan port and never reach the conection..
ok i will try and say news...

yes! it works! :smiley: :smiley:

now i connected thougth the ap and my pc and cel get the i adress of the main router and can open the shared folders and se the devices...

the only problem that i found its that i cannot enter to the router openwrt wich static ip is
when i writte the ai in the browser... it just looking for it but, never can open the luci openwrt interface... :pensive:

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