AP (no DHCP server) serving IP's while main router (DHCP server) is not available?

you were recording using Homeassistant?

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Rather Home Assistant were recording for me :wink:

Using this? I wish more data could be pulled/pushed into HA from OpenWrt.

I tried to play my part, but it seems devs are not interested.

@MangoMan aam aadami how can I PM you?

It's a bummer indeed that my former (commercial, non foss) router had superior ha support and it was a ease to locally get data in real time from it.

I didn't even waisted a second thinking that openwrt would be a "downgrade" in that regard - but it sadly was. Weird that some commercial router firmware works better with a foss software than the foss router firmware does.

I suppose the issue is really that not enough people want this tool. If they did it would receive more attention. Those that make contributions are just enthusiasts doing stuff for fun and mostly without payment. And also there is a big case of fixing stuff that affects oneself. I have spent ages on the CAKE autorate stuff because I want that to work really well for my own connection.

I haven't come across commercial offerings that beat what I can set up with OpenWrt and even if I could find one I'd totally miss the amazing expert community we have here. I mean look at guys like @trendy and others. You can ask really convoluted and obscure questions and get detailed and helpful answers. Then there's the flexibility that comes with open source. Things can be changed in a dynamic way that is not so easy with rigid processes associated with commercial offerings. One can also learn a lot with OpenWrt.

I think the collective brain power of this community is immense.


This is the beauty and crux of open-source software, you can contribute with your idea and software codes, but at the same time, you are bounded by what is available, which depends on the developer's time and experience, e.g Netgear and Asus have better support/ features in Homeassistant while OpenWrt is only used for tracking devices/presence sensor.

On the topic of forum support, there are quite a few members, without whom OpenWrt couldn't be noob friendly to name a few @frollic @pavelgl @slh and @trendy. :smiling_face: but then there are some members in other forums e.g in DD-WRT, whose signature line for each noob's Question is "Google that" :man_facepalming:
That was one reason why I didn't go with DD-wrt, even though a guide already existed for it for my purpose.
I wrote the OpenWrt guide itself with the help of the forum's members


You can verify if a dhcp server is running or not: netstat -lnp | grep 67
With a packet capture, like tcpdump or wireshark, you can see which one is the server offering the lease.

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was it Unifi ?, only that seems to have this level of features in Homeassistant

(For some reason, the OP won't simply do this; nor any thing else that could easily identify the specific device...and won't explain why.)

e.g. A Windows PC/laptop clearly displays the identity of the DHCP server that issued the IP when running commands/buttons to show the network information

Edit: also the OP claims I gave some word. That is clearly untrue; and in good conscience, I wouldn't stand by while others' valuable time is wasted repeating the same troubleshooting suggestions they refuse to attempt. Others can choose to continue assisting, the same as before this post.

Logged in on all my openwrt devices (Router, AP's and WDS repeater) via ssh and issued the command. The result is the same as before when I checked via gui:

The command only returned something on the main router that does have the DHCP server enabled.

The other methods you are mentioning:

will not work for the "real life" scenario I have because of it's time and connection limits when it's happening. Still I want to do the testing @psherman suggested - maybe it will bring new insights :bulb:

It wasn't. It was a AVM device that was going strong for almost 10 years :muscle:

Thank's! And I would still be very grateful if you stand by your word and do not continue to rumble in this thread. :+1:

One does not exclude the other, that means you can take down the main router and run the packet capture together.

That's as far as we can help.

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One is the easy (non invasive) way the other (invasive) needs planing ahead :wink:

I did now some experiments (essentially one more dumb AP connected to my network with it's own AP settings). I did then connect one of my clients while having serial logs on and then stripped the cable to the main router.

I repeated this a couple of times but weren't able to "force" the behavior I experienced before. The openwrt version on this test AP is also newer than on my other network gear - maybe that made a difference. I might just try again with a downgraded firmware or will switch hardware to a identical one installed.