Titles can't have emoji!

I was say it's childish and rude to ask me to respond - knowing I did it and then pretending there's some policy to discuss in a group. Knowing I responded to you by PM.

Yes, I had such an issue as well - I actually noted such a user in a conversation. This make me think you're alluding to that conversation. There's also issues with people vandalizing.

Additionally, I did not see your request until after my post, and hence I asked the same thing in my PM, which you failed to respond to:

But; you can continue to troll if you insist. It's clear that could have been edited slightly after I responded - I even alluded to you having edited such a post in a manner in that same thread.

Next, none of these responding appear to be mods or admins, so your logic makes no sense.

Lastly, stop responding is my quote. I merely meant I was waiting until you provided the needed information - and not engage into a trolling incident (which was clear in PM tghat was being referenced). It seems you understood that until you posted out-of-context here and in the thread.

I guess you forgot the PM:

Keep trolling if you wish.

If you no longer got a DHCP lease from some unknown device, simply noting that could help others in your "group conversation" too. You simply took psherman's method to disconnect your entire network - which should provide the same result - you coulda simply look at the MAC of the DHCP server giving out the lease - it was a suggestion.

Maybe we should also note, the star was removed - and I continued to assis, until I suggest you find the rogue device by its hardware MAC, you proceeded to show a single OpenWrt config, talk about a WDS repeater - but repeat it has no DHCP config (and pretending I didn't read that)when you stated you had multiple devices. I started to figure you believe OpenWrt devices magically give out IPs - that's when I stopped "sending messages to that thread" (I used quotes cause "stop responding" seems to be confusing).